Your Year Of Yes

Announcing, Your Year of YES!
It's a three-month group coaching program for any/every lady out there who's been sitting on a dream and thinks she’ll never be able to achieve it! She doesn’t believe she has the support. She doesn’t believe she's strong enough. She doesn’t believe she can hold herself accountable. She doesn’t believe in herself enough to take action.
In this three-month group coaching program, you will meet bi-weekly as a group and monthly with ME! During our one on one sessions, we will meet and discuss your vision and then we’ll discuss what’s holding you back from achieving it! Together, we will create an obtainable action plan with weekly goals that are manageable for you to achieve.
In just three months, and right before the summertime ---> you can expect to be living that dream. You can build a business. Lose that weight you’ve been carrying around. Fall head over heels in love. Build deep, feminine connections to replace the ones you’ve lost over the years.
This can BE ANY DREAM!
Your Year of Yes will empower you to take action. Now what this group is not, it's not therapy, It's not a place to uncover your past and look at that as what is holding you back. This group is about sitting where you are right now, embracing every piece of who you are, loving yourself for your past flaws, mistakes, accomplishments, strengths, and harnessing them all and growing from them. Because here's the thing, if we're not growing, we're not living. And if you're sitting in the back, if you're sitting in this place that you like to call your comfort zone, I promise you it’s not as comfortable as your thoughts have allowed you to believe. Underneath all of those layers is sadness.
Let’s release the sadness and let love in by growing.
By the second half of 2020, you’ll be living your dream! Every morning you'll jump out of bed every elated to start your day! And those action steps that you take are going to make you feel UNSTOPPABLE!
Are you ready to say yes?
By getting on a phone call with me today, Saturday, Sunday or Monday and saving your seat in Your Year of Yes you’ll have an opportunity to spin the Love Your Life prize wheel, which is jam-packed with INSANE BONUSES. Some of the incredible prizes that are up for grabs are a free 90-minute deep dive coaching session, 10 weeks of meditations, a money mindset consultation, 15-minute bi-weekly accountability sessions, Law of Attraction Masterclass and a few other special items. Now that you've made a couple of baby steps, are you ready to take the leap? I cannot wait to watch you grow. So what do you say, are you ready? Let's do this!

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