a group coaching community for

purposeful, passionate women 


Melissa Fino


are you ready?

Start where you are & go where you want to be.

Connect, fill your heart with belonging & chase after all of life’s beautiful gifts.

You will meet with other strong women who are like YOU... filled with passion, purpose and a desire to find community & live their passion.

The only question is...

are you coming?

Find your


Your sisterhood awaits you.

This group was built to start where you are and empower you to where you want to be. To connect you, support you and fill your heart with so much belonging that you’ll have nothing left to do, but chase after all of life’s beautiful gifts.

In this group you can expect to connect with other strong women who are like YOU... filled with passion, purpose and a desire to do find their center.

This program is for YOU if:

You feel like there's something missing but you don't know what it is.

If YOU spend most of your days scrolling through social media and wondering why you don't have what she has.

If you feel judged but you don't know why.

If YOU are craving deep, empowered connection.

If you've always wanted to belong to a loyal sisterhood.

If YOU require accountability to keep you on track.

If YOU need a support team that will cheer for you and always have your back.

If YOU are thriving in one area of your life but everything else is suffering.

If you've forgotten what it feels like to be happy.

You have a hard time speaking your truth.

You want more but you're not sure you deserve it and you don't know how to get it.

Your inner critic keeps you from being yourself.

Your greatest desire is to feel at home... in your body, mind, and spirit.



A place to fix yourself.

A warm environment to run from your truth.

Why a Women's Group?

I love empowering women to find their happy and over the years I have found that when women are not connected they are not happy.

They retreat.

They withdraw.

They fear life and all of it's greatest gifts

But with connection comes belonging.

And when we belong we want to be more.

We want to do more.

And in return connection prompts us to...

push each other to do more.

love harder.

be stronger.

find the courage we never knew we had.

to bend over backward to make all of our dreams come true.

This group is an opportunity to unabashedly step into your truth and love your life.

A chance to meet other women who are like you and want to step away from the façade that exists behind the screen and begin to experience, deep, meaningful connections with women who desire the same.

A chance to stop hiding.

A chance to stop feeling as if we're on this journey alone and a chance to become united as ONE.


What this group is...


A place to be yourself.

A supportive environment that embraces growth, creativity and purpose-fueled passion.

Your YEAR OF YES consists of

20 hours of coaching calls

3 months of online group support

3  private 1:1 deep-dive sessions with Melissa

Private Facebook group for participants

Guest VIP coaches

A community of women & enhanced support network

Weekly mindset exercises

Launching Fall 2020 


Melissa Fino

(619) 301-4480



4833 Santa Monica Avenue

Suite 7742

San Diego, CA 92167

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