Is Tomorrow Your Favorite Word?

How many times have you said I’ll start tomorrow? Tomorrow I’ll start eating better. Tomorrow I’ll start saving money. Tomorrow I’ll look at new schools. Tomorrow I’ll start that one new thing that will then change my life. But what if tomorrow, was just a word and tomorrow never actually came, would you then change?
Over the holidays, I found myself immersed in a conversation about what could come. The possibilities that await. The opportunities we sometimes ignore. The pieces of life we continue to put on hold until the possible moment when fear ceases to exist.
But we must face one thing, fear will continue to live and breathe inside of us. And as we continue to run and hide, albeit wait for tomorrow, she will only double in size and continue to weigh us down.
Fear will always be present but tomorrow might not be.
I propose we do something completely different. I suggest we stop waiting and we work our hardest to jam pack as much life as we can into the days we are lucky enough to live. Fuck fear. YES to LIFE!
Yes to opportunity. To possibility. To everything beautiful that lives and breathes within us and outside of us.
So how do we begin to do this? Well it’s a challenge my friend, but it's the one I’m willing to take.
If you’re feeling the urge to fly, as am I, then let me ask you this… have you been holding back your gifts, afraid to play big or shine like the bright diamond you are?
I encourage you to think about the Christmas gifts you got last year. Do you even remember them? I bet what you remember most are the chances you didn’t take, the feelings you never got to feel and the experiences you missed out on because you didn’t have the courage to follow your heart.
I encourage you to say “no” to the bull shit you’re holding onto and start saying “yes” to yourself.
This year, albeit January of 2020, gift yourself with the life you’ve always desired to live and do that in anyway you can, whether it be through a book, a podcast, a blog or even one of my most recent YouTube videos, start putting you and your wellness ahead of your needs to acquire more.
Start listening to your heart’s calling and gift yourself with the confidence to know that not only is it all possible, but you are worthy, of that and more.
And if these words, have you sitting on the edge of your chair, feeling your dreams as if they were real... then I have something that I’ve created just for YOU, it’s a women’s wellness group and it begins on January 6, 2020.
If you’ve craved to be in an environment where you’re connected with other strong women who are filled with passion and purpose to live their life to their greatest potential and encouraged and supported to be whatever your heart desires then this was made for YOU.
This group lasts fours months and is filled with over 20 hours of virtual coaching (group and 1:1) as well as VIP guests, weekly mindset exercises and …. way to much to list it all here.
Ready to learn more?
This group is not therapy or to FIX you, because beautiful friend, you are not broken. This group was built to start where you are and empower you to where you want to be. To connect you, support you and fill your heart with so much belonging that you’ll have nothing left to do, but chase after all of life’s beautiful gifts.
But wait there’s more… book your spot by January 1, 2020 and you’ll receive $500 off. Yeah that’s not a typo. This group is limited to 14 women and is guaranteed to fill up fast.
And for now, enjoy your holidays and please remember this, joy is not found in a box underneath your tree or wherever that may be. Joy is the feeling you feel when you give the gift, witness that precious smile or hold that warm hand.
While this may be the season of giving, giving isn’t always something that your eyes can see.
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All the love,

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