EP 3: Six Shifts to get from No Money Months to Consistent 10K+ months

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EP 3: Six Shifts to get from No Money Months to Consistent 10K+ months

Are you ready to grow and attract all that you desire in your business? 
In this episode, I share 6 tips that helped me shift from no money in my business to CONSISTENT 10K months (and BEYOND).
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In This Episode:

  • [00:42] - The gift of gratitude

  • [01:56] - Your daily routine will determine your results

  • [05:43] - The importance of aligning your personal and business values

  • [08:28] - The success of your business is dependent on the VALUE you give

  • [09:52] - How to get super specific about numbers to obtain the epic outcomes you desire

  • [11:27] - What successful business owners are doing right now to increase their income

Key Takeaways:

  • The gift is in the giving

  • In order to be successful, your daily routine must be a non-negotiable 

  • Creating a badass business plan that supports the growth you desire

  • Your AUTHENTICITY and credibility lead to building your confidence

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