Is your business running you into the ground?
Do you start your days attached to your phone, and end your days chugging a bottle of wine?
Are you always wondering when your next client will come, is there enough money in the bank to cover the next month, and will you ever be good enough to smash through that next goal?
Are you sick and tired of watching every other badass online GAIN MASSIVE SUCCESS while you’re still sitting on the sidelines jealous AF?
Do the one thing that will help you get ahead. SAY YES TO SUPPORT.
Hey there fellow powerhouse, I’m guessing our paths crossed at some point online or in person, and we probably talked about BUSINESS, or well you know, perfectionism in your business.


And... I’m also willing to bet that it’s because you are just like me, ALWAYS STRIVING to achieve more.

Since my business has massively exploded here are some questions that I’ve been asked on the daily:

  • How do I build success online?
  • How do I run a launch?
  • How do I stay consistent?
  • What can I do to push through that subconscious block?
  • How do I become a Guest Expert in someone else’s group?
  • How do I raise my prices without feeling icky, and panicking about it on sales calls?
  • How do I close sales calls?
  • How are you so CONFIDENT & AUTHENTIC?

I’ll be answering all of your questions, and helping you create some massive explosions of your own in Momentum.

*If you’re ready to step into your power as an epic thought leader, earn consistent $3-5K months in your business, and rise to the top.
* You have already experienced success in business or in your 9-5 and are looking to take it to the next level. 
*You are committed to doing the work, and showing up for yourself and your business every single day.
*You are ready to invest in yourself and your dreams.
*You understand the importance of community and desire to be challenged, and held accountable.
*You would like to have advice, insight and expertise from someone who has been where you are.
*You desire to make more money, but not increase the amount of hours you work.
Join this level of high-vibe powerhouses who are changing the world with their coaching programs, courses, small businesses, and entrepreneurial spirit. 
This program runs for six months and really gets results. Throughout the six months, you’ll receive weekly group coaching with Melissa and your fabulous support team (more information below), a private Facebook support group, resources, sales scripts, training, weekly accountability, and upper-level masterclasses with monthly guest experts.
"Melissa helped me push myself to break out my mindset of what WILL EVERYONE ELSE THINK OF ME to showing up consistently! Showing up for my people to find me by embodying myself and the version of me I am growing into, and evolving into my growth. Everytime I go live, or record a video I think of Melissa. It’s pure magic."

~ Stevie Poxon, England

"I had no CONFIDENCE when I started working with Melissa. I had no idea if I could be a great fitness coach, or if I could guide my clients to reach their desired results, but while working with Melissa all of that shifted!

Throughout the process, she helped me break down my big goal into small actionable steps that were achievable and after three months I had six new clients. I highly suggest working with Melissa. She is AMAZING!

She’s supportive, she’s in your corner and she believes in you before you believe in yourself. She cares so much about her clients, so much so that I’ve signed on for another six months while we scale my business."

~ Nicole Staudt, Redondo Beach

"I started working with Melissa because I was OVERWHELMED, confused, and not attracting clients. I needed someone to guide me so that I could gain clarity and truly move forward. She did just that! While working with Melissa, we identified my niche, my offer, and my ideal client so that I could begin ATTRACTING them.

I would absolutely recommend working with Melissa. She will cheer you on. She will guide you to dig deeper and get to the core of who you are, and who you want to be as a coach. She will help you gain the confidence that you need, and empower you to UNLEASH that inner power that you already have but can’t see. I would definitely recommend working with Melissa."

~ Alice Koech, Kansas


This mastermind is NOT for you if:
  • You’re too busy to regularly commit.
  • You enjoy playing the victim, and frequently find excuses for why you won't show up for yourself.
  • You are not ready to go ALL-IN on yourself, and your dream business.
  • You enjoy taking things slow, and haven't yet embraced the gift of listening to your intuition.
*Work smarter, not harder.
*Push past your comfort zone, so that you can create a massive impact and live your potential. 
*Feel held and supported as you traverse the unknown. 
*With all of this accountability, you’ll end the vicious cycle of start and stop.
*Enhanced clarity on what strategies will attract your client, and begin the cycle of rinse and repeat.
*Build momentum in your business.
*Ideas and solutions to problems you previously wouldn't have been able to solve.
*Education, experience and INFLUENCE of everyone within the group


  1. Get crystal clear on who you are, what your business is, and who you serve.
  2. Develop consistent behaviors that empower you and attract your dream clients.
  3. Build your confidence by showing up EVERY DAY and adding massive value.


* Having direct access to Melissa weekly, where we dive into 1-on-1 hot seats about your personal business questions
* Learning from the award winning support coaches, as well as the people in my network who have successfully created online businesses that are booming with income and impact (that’s right, I’ll be bringing on some VIP guests too!)
* Getting OUT of the "paralysis/analysis” of “WHAT DO I DO?” and finally having a step-by-step clear cut path of HOW to scale your business
* Working SMARTER and not harder on your business, so that you can create a balanced lifestyle (the goal here is to not take time away from you, but to give you more TIME.)
* Learning how to confidently show up, and communicate online to ENROLL an everloving and everlasting community (did we mention that’s without any money spent on ads, and hey we’ll teach you the other way as well!!!)
* Never compromising on WHO YOU ARE instead you’ll be showing up MORE and shifting your focus to IMPACT (if you don’t show up, you’ll have a hard time doing that.)
* Being apart of a community of like-minded women that are fueled with positive energy and work to LIFT EACH OTHER UP everyday.

Not only will this mastermind help you grow your business, it will give you the momentum you desperately need to increase sales and set up a raving community that not only likes you, but is ready and willing to sign up for all of your programs and forever be your loving clients.
A passionate wordsmith, Jessica Reilly combines proven marketing strategies and exceptional copy to help entrepreneurs and small businesses craft their story to attract and retain their ideal clients.
Natasha Tsitiridi, founder and CEO of Bulletproof Woman, is an 𝗮𝘄𝗮𝗿𝗱 𝘄𝗶𝗻𝗻𝗶𝗻𝗴 𝗦𝗮𝗹𝗲𝘀 𝗖𝗼𝗮𝗰𝗵. She supports women who are ready to set up and scale their online businesses to reach their first 6 figures.
Inside this Mastermind, you should expect to be supported, heard, and seen. 
  • You’ll always have someone to turn to and get your questions answered.
  • You’ll always have someone who’s been where you are and can guide you during the process.
  • You’ll never spend months or even years sitting in overwhelm again.
  • This is the personalized level of support that will massively impact your business and turn you into a recognized expert and industry leader.
All while being surrounded by a community of women who are growing and evolving with you. 


Are you ready to become a badass business owner?