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    A little less about me and a little bit about some of my TOP INFLUENCERS...

    Here is a small sampling of Top Level Power Influencers who I admire. Each candidate works to empower women and remind them on a daily basis that their voices are unique and important! These empowerment gurus inspire women across the country through education, spoken and written word and more importantly their desire to embrace the positive in their lives. These women define confident and fearless and ENCOURAGE me to strive to be my best self!



    Janne Robinson is a non-fiction poet, mentor, motivational speaker, director and trusted voice of female empowerment. Robinson is raw and unhinged. Her days are spent knocking down 

    walls and breaking emotional barriers.

     Currently she is a columnist for Elephant Journal, as well as a 

    contributor to multiple online publications including 

    The Huffington Post and Thought Catalog.

    Robinson recently directed her own spoken word video entitled 

    This is for the women who don’t give a fuck. 

    Robinson is a sought after blogger, empowerment speaker 

    and workshop contributor.

    Please visit her at

    Link to video below:

    Click here

    Sherry Blair is currently CEO of the Sherry Blair Institute For Inspirational Change. In addition to being CEO,Sherry teaches part-time as an Adjunct Assistant Professor for the University of Southern California in the Graduate School of Social Work.  Sherry is a New Jersey Licensed Clinical Social Worker,

    a Board Certified Professional Counselor and a 

    IABMCP Professional Coach. Sherry is a 

    published author, distinguished personal and professional life 

    coach and celebrated speaker. Sherry continues to offer me 

    strength and reminds me that with hard work and 

    perseverance I can achieve anything! Please visit her at

    Emily Rosen is the co-owner and CEO of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating. Emily’s passion for nutrition and mindful eating was inspired by her own personal journey with an eating disorder. Emily has become a top nutritional expert, sought after speaker and educator.

    Emily is open and raw. She continues to empower 

    women with her honest written word.

    In her piece, The old me would hate the new me

    (link below), Emily passionately describes the detail 

    of how she was able to overcome her deepest 

    darkest insecurities. Emily Rosen’s passion 

    encourages me to be my best self and to continue 

    to empower other women alike. Please visit her at

    Link to article below:

    Click here