(Six Payments) Six-Month Momentum Mentorship

Are you struggling with how to begin your business? Have you found yourself stuck at the same stage for years? Do you find that you've started multiple different projects but you've never finished one? Then you've found yourself in the right place at the right time. This newly developed coaching program consists of a 90 minute deep dive session and twenty-three 45 minute follow-up sessions. In the first session, we'll hone in on your ICA, create your sales pitch, copy, marketing, where to find your client, what to create, and when... Over the course of six months, I will teach you ALL of the skills that will increase your engagement, productivity, and visibility.  Clients that have recently worked with me have finally built their website, created opt-ins, developed sales copy that actually SELLS, pitched for TedX, went from invisible to visible, and went from 0-100 all while being supported throughout their growth stage. Are you ready to take it to the next LEVEL? Book a discovery call to see if you qualify. REMINDER: This package will finally get you to complete all of those things you've started, save you from wasting months of your precious time and years of overwhelm, and more importantly, start living that life you dream of. Are you ready to begin?  ***This is the monthly payment plan. All payments must be made on a consecutive date every month.

6 monthly payments of $1,850.00 USD