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    How to Love Your Life and Chase After that BIG Dream: a Deep Dive into Goal Setting will empower you to hone in on your own personal values, define your vision, create smart goals and hold yourself accountable AS WELL as a few extra tips just in case you fall off the wagon.


    This course included four sections:


    1. Understanding Your Own Values- How to understand your own values, not those of your mama, your daddy or your husband AND how your own values determine who you'll become and where you'll go. Are all of your actions currently aligned with your values? If not, you'll find out how, here.


    2. How to Manifest Your Vision- How to create your vision so that you can see, taste it, feel it and experience it in such a way that you already feel as if you've obtained it.


    3. Goals & Accountability- Defining your goal extrinsically or intrinsically. As well as creating SMART goals that are obtainable and how to continue to build your momentum.


    4. Falling off the Wagon- What to do if you fall off the wagon, complete with a few exercises you can do by yourself at any time.


    Are you ready to chase that dream and turn it into your REAL LIFE?

    How to Love Your Life and Chase After that Dream: a Deep Dive into Goal Setting