Twenty Suggestions to Slowly Build your Self Confidence

Having confidence is the key to life.

Are you confident in your shoes? If you’re not you should give more thought as to why. Women who are confident in their body as well as their life choices are more apt to reap the beautiful gifts in life. Better jobs, higher quality friendships and relationships, better homes and all of this results in a healthier, happier state of mind.

Confidence, in itself creates a non-stop cycle of greatness. When we believe in ourselves and we achieve, we continue to achieve. However when we don’t believe then possibilities seize to exist. Are you ignoring possibilities in your life because you lack the confidence to believe?

Well then… It might be about time to boost your confidence and welcome the world of possibility into your life.

While, some people are born confident there are other people who need to build confidence.

If you’re the person that needs to build it, then don’t worry as your not alone. But you're lucky as it’s possible to change and build yourself up.

Confidence can make you do two things. It can cause you to stand up in the front of the crowd or it can cause you to retreat from the crowd.

But it comes on slow and steady and it when it does it continues to build. It’s all about momentum. Once you start it’s difficult to stop.

But yes, starting can be the most difficult part.

Are you ready to take that leap and build your confidence so that you can get out there and try something new?

Here are some suggestions that might help you along the way…

  • For every negative belief you have force yourself to have four positive beliefs.

  • Do something that is out of the “norm” for you. If you always wear black try on a red dress.

  • Talk to a stranger at the grocery store.

  • Drive a different route home.

  • Be prepared in situations where you know you’ll be uncomfortable.

  • Stand tall. Act the part.

  • Exercise. Exercise. Exercise.

  • Get some fresh air.

  • Push yourself.

  • Remember a time when you succeeded and you hadn’t originally thought you would have.

  • Start small.

  • Do the thing you’ve been pushing off.

  • Tell others to stop doing things that cause you to doubt yourself.

  • Ask yourself, why do you doubt yourself? Is there a valid reason or does your inner-critic doubt you because it remains to be your voice of insecurity?

  • Stop apologizing for things you don't need to apologize for.

  • Take a deep breath.

  • Treat yourself to something nice.

  • Create a mantra that will act as a reminder of how strong you really are.

  • Practice gratitude for the gifts you have in life.

  • Embrace and love yourself, as you are, including all of your “imperfections.”

Confidence requires consistency

It requires that we spend more time believing in ourselves, as well as our dreams and less time living in fear.

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