How to Change Your Thoughts with Just One, Simple Trick

Believe it or not your brain is not the boss, you are.

I know, I know. Our thoughts are deceptive in every single way.

They placate our minds and make us doubt ourselves but most of the times what we believe to be true, isn’t true. Our thoughts are just thoughts. They are not real, unless we act on them. When we believe them to be true we create a whirlwind of feelings that creates a reality that mirrors our thoughts. But here’s the kicker, the world we create in our mind only exists when we act on it.

If we want to change our thoughts, we must not act on them. Instead we must do the opposite of what they are asking. As an example, if your mind believes that Suzy doesn’t like you then you are going to act awkward when Suzy is around you. You may even give her the cold shoulder. In the end, your insecurity has been projected out into the world and you have given Suzy a reason to dislike you with your rude, abrupt behavior.

However, if you reminded yourself that this was just a thought and not real your behavior would have changed. Here is an amazing simple trick that will help you STOP doing this. It’s simple but it works.

Every time your mind thinks an insecure thought that prompts you to feel negatively about yourself say these three little words after, and that’s ok. Here’s how and why this works, every time your subconscious mind repeats a thought in your head your awakened mind believes it and begins to think it’s real BUT if you remind yourself that it’s ok then you are reminding yourself that it’s just a thought and thoughts are ok as they are not real.

Here’s an example…

“I don’t like my body” becomes “ I don’t like my body and that’s ok.”

One is closed off and harmful the second option is supportive and acts as a reminder that it is ok to feel insecure thoughts.

Another example…

“I’m scared I’ll fail” becomes “I’m scared I’ll fail and that’s okay.”

The first option leaves you feeling like a failure while the second option sounds epic, supported and open to change.

Thoughts are just thoughts and thoughts are okay.

Changing our thoughts becomes the first step towards creating the life we desire. Once we change our thoughts (what the mind repeats) we can then change our behaviors.

What you think is what you’ll do and on and on and on. Over and over again. We can work on changing our thoughts but first we must stop turning all of our thoughts into our feelings. Because they’re not real, they’re in our head.

But there’s another piece to this, our thoughts continue to exist in our overactive mind. If we seek happiness and joy then we must learn to find stillness. We need to times of silence and stillness without our thoughts running rampant throughout our mind.

No. This does not mean more time zonked out in front of the television. What this means is active time sitting in stillness focusing on nothing but silencing the mind. Places such as a silent room, grassy field, yoga class or even your car are perfect places to practice mindful meditation. But don’t’ allow yourself to be sidetracked. Or don’t attempt to do this when you know your kids will need you, or your mother will be calling. It takes work to silence the thoughts that have been repeating over and over in your head for a lifetime. But the clarity received is well worth the effort.

We can create beautiful, new thoughts.

New feelings. A new reality. Thoughts of love and support and positivity about the places we’ll travel to as well as the beautiful feelings we’ll get to feel.

You can change your thoughts. And if you’re not happy you should think about changing them right now. There’s a beautiful world out there waiting to connect with the real you.

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