Are You Searching for Life's Purpose?

“The soul which has no fixed purpose in life is lost; to be everywhere, is to be nowhere.” ―Michel de Montaigne

Are you searching for your life’s purpose?

Purpose is simple. It’s found in recognizing what experiences in life have brought you to where you are today. Each of us has had experiences that have opened or closed us off from the world; experiences that have weakened us or strengthened us; experiences that have silenced us or made us speak louder than ever before. But purpose is found within and it only requires a small amount of time to recognize it.

Purpose will never be found by traveling over-seas, donating all of your possessions or by committing to a yearlong vow of silence. Yes, these will help ground you, identify your why and become more joyful but they will not lead you to your purpose. It is our misfortunes that allow us to uncover our purpose.

Your purpose is here with you right now and you’ll only be able to acknowledge it when you fully recognize the moment that you’re in.

Seeking meaning or purpose in life almost feels as if it takes a lifetime to identify but really it is only understanding that we are not bad or wrong for what has happened to us we are only what we have become.

Can you recall times that you have reflected back to your past and felt feelings of shame? I can. I believe you can too.

We all carry with us feelings of shame whether it be from divorce, abuse, delinquency or feelings of inadequacy. But we must understand that we are not those experiences. Instead it is those experiences, or those moments in time, that have formed us into the person we are today. It is the exact opposite of what we believe to be true.

So stop looking back in shame and start looking forward. Is it possible that these experiences have brought with them gifts, which have gone unnoticed? These gifts can be as simple as feelings of hope, strength in numbers, new relationships that support you in ways you have never felt supported before.

Trust me in pain there is purpose and within everything lies a gift.

We all have moments where life comes full circle. So if you’re unable to see the gift that can be found in the experience I urge you to wait. With time it will happen.

We also have the choice to see what we see. We hold the power to control our minds. The power to overcome and thrive or to succumb and remain weak. Everything we do will always come from what we allow ourselves to believe that we can do and whom, we allow ourselves to believe that we can become.

We are ourselves and we have the choice to take our stories and turn them into whatever we see them as. We can continue to battle the war within or we can end the war and turn our pain into purpose.

What will you choose?

You may still look back and only experience feelings of shame, blame or even hate. This is natural. With time, and a desire to change we will find that these feelings are impermanent.

Life occurs in circles. So while you may be unable to find meaning in the moment or experience as it is, just wait a little as I’m sure it will unfold. With time it will happen.

Our experiences, the good and the bad, have allowed us to become the people we are today. They have allowed us to develop empathy, forgiveness and patience as well as identify our core values. It is because of them that we are stronger.

It is only when you can no longer look back at your life with shame that you can become connected to your purpose. But if you continue to hide, then you will bottle up and never reach your full potential. For, any part of you that is not revealed will be forever hidden from all, and that will wreak havoc on your mind.

Find meaning in life by continuing to push through.

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