Why am I not HAPPY?

Remember that feeling of pure bliss that was felt when you were a child? Life was simple. Happiness wasn’t planned. It was simply a feeling of joy that came sporadically throughout the day during the simplest of times. Today, as adults we must plan our moments of happiness. We plan date nights with our spouses, or nights out with the girls, the much needed exercise class or the much needed night in with a glass of wine. We schedule times throughout the day to ensure that we are happy and that our lives are balanced. But what if I said to you that happiness is within. That feeling that was felt when you were a child is still there, and you can find it again.

Our minds are wired to believe that happiness is only achieved with outcomes. Life has done this. We are born happy but as we age, we wire our minds to only be happy once we achieve something, and not to be happy during the process of what we are trying to achieve. This makes sense. The problem is once we achieve our goal it is never enough. So we set our standards higher. Therefore, we delay all feelings of joy and true happiness.

I ask you to take a moment and reflect back five or ten years. Imagine yourself than. What were your goals or your desires? Have you achieved some of the goals that you had envisioned in your life? Have you bought a house? Received your college education? Paid off your college education? Found love? Had children with the love of your life? If any of these of were goals that you had set for yourself and you have achieved them then why are you not happy? You are not happy because your mind is wired to only be happy when it achieves an outcome.

This is what has become of our lives. True happiness appears to be lost and most adults do not know how to find it. We don’t see it because we are always busy working towards the outcome and we simply do not respect the process of how we get there. What is the process? The process is the here and now. The process is what is happening while we are working towards our goals or our expected outcomes. The process appears to be the part that weighs us down. The process is seen as monotonous but truly it is where the most exquisite moments of happiness are found.

We need to stop searching for objects, experiences, people or positive outcomes to make us happy. True happiness exists inside and not around you.

When you find happiness within yourself your world begins to match how you feel. You attract what you put out in life. If you are happy, you will be surrounded by happiness. Ask yourself? Is this who I want to be? Am I living the life that I desire? If the answer is yes, than you should be happy. You already understand that happiness comes from within and it is felt every day in your life. You are not waiting. If the answer is NO than you need to search deep down inside and find out what drives you? Where is your passion? Change your mind to not be focused on outcomes and to respect the process of life and your true happiness will come to the surface.

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