A five-day challenge that will have you saying YES to everything and chasing after all your dreams!

You’re watching all of your friends on social media posting about their latest:

  • job promotion

  • new baby

  • new house

  • new marriage

And you’re sitting there all alone, still searching for your dream job, as you finish a pint of Ben & Jerry’s eating it straight out of the carton.


You’re thinking, “Why is this not happening for me?”


You’ve gone through Dr. Google to diagnose yourself with some serious problem and you realize you’ve isolated yourself because you feel inadequate and not really worthy of having that life because if you were worthy you’d already have it.


After many sleepless nights, you start noticing you’re having the same thoughts over and over again and you’re tired of those thoughts being in your head.

Thoughts like, “Why not me? Why don’t I have this? I thought I would have it by now..."

What you really want is to feel happy.

You have a vision of where you would like your life to be, but you have no idea how to get there.


The good news is…I can help!

Hi! I’m Melissa and I specialize in empowering women, like you, to gain clarity and focus so you can achieve your dreams!

I know you deserve it and my coaching programs offer a non-judgmental space to be seen, heard, and supported for women just like you. Through the practical strategies and tools that I will teach you in combination with motivational interviewing we will shift your world.


My background is in Social Work and I have my Masters from the University of Southern California, but before that I gained a lifetime of experience in feeling the way you’re feeling right now. 


I was a high school drop out who went on to receive her Masters Degree.


I left my life and everything I’ve ever known to move 3,000 miles away to a city I had never been to before.


I survived an abusive relationship and developed enough strength to not only work through the emotions that brought me there but also have been able to help others do the same.


I was a former smoker who now runs marathons.

The things that helped me get to where I am today can all be learned, and I believe I was put on this planet to teach them to you.

So, let’s get started…

Are you ready 

to learn how to feel your feelings

and let love back in?

Your day of loving your life will include :

  • (3) Love your Life classroom hours

  • Guided meditations

  • Learning tools needed to overcome shame, feel confident moving forward, stop wasting time & live with no regrets

  • 32 page MasterGuide with proven strategies to breakthrough shame

Here's a glimpse of what to expect


How to identify and understand the role you play in your life. 


How to face your fears and level up in life.


How to nurture your inner voice and begin to trust and follow your intuition.


How to uncover your fears and distinguish your thoughts from reality.


Illustrate the difference between shame & guilt as well as good shame and bad shame.


How to feel your feelings in the moment, let go of your old story and let love in.

In this


you will learn guaranteed, evidence based techniques and methods THAT WILL help you overcome the past, feel all of your feelings and LOVE the life you're living


Are you ready to take this GIGANTIC STEP forward and love your life?


Melissa Fino

(619) 301-4480



4833 Santa Monica Avenue

Suite 7742

San Diego, CA 92167

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