Why do You Need Love?

The month of love is upon us and all of our hearts are a flutter. While some of our hearts are filled with desire there are numerous others who are filled with disdain. What is it about Valentines Day that makes grown adults gone mad? Love enriches our lives and fills our souls but give us one day to celebrate and the uproar begins. Could it possibly be that love is such an incredible driving force that it should be celebrated everyday? I do believe it is.
Let’s admit it. Valentine’s Day is overwhelming. Single, married, divorced or dating --Valentine’s Day is enough to drive one mad. On every corner of every block we find ourselves bombarded with reminders of artificial love. So much so that we almost forget what real love is. But love isn’t just chocolates and roses or saying those three little words one day out of the year. Love is the person that makes you laugh when your sad, holds your hand when your scared and pulls you in tighter when you pull away. Love is being vulnerable enough to be seen. It’s leaning in and being open to whatever may come.
So whether we love or hate this day it still acts as a reminder to be grateful for all of the love that surrounds us. Today is not just another day to say I love you to you spouse, lover, husband or boyfriend: but it is a day to say I love you to those you love; your mother, father, aunt, uncle, friend, sister, brother, neighbor, coworker and any person who has offered you hand to hold during the dark time.
Love is everywhere and we’re lucky enough to be touched by it every day but it takes an overflowing heart to feel all of its feels. When are hearts are filled were lighter and we are open to receiving more. We begin to see beauty where we once saw flaws. We don’t waste precious time attempting to mold others into who we would like them to be. Instead we love them wholeheartedly, as they are.
So with this holiday in mind I’m asking you to invite more love into your life by revealing your layers. When we share our hearts, love enters our wounds, fills our voids and we slowly begin the process of showing the world all of our beautiful colors.
So if the world goes mad for love, let them. If it’s only on one day, or every damn day, it truly doesn’t matter. It is not ours to judge how another person loves it is ours to be open to giving and receiving love. In the end, love in all of its forms continues to breed more love.
With a full heart I ask you will you drop down your walls enough to let love in?

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