What you See is What You Get. If you Want Something Different you Have to Change What You See.

Some days we wake up and see the world as beautiful and loving and then there are days when it appears that the sun never shines and the clouds are the dullest of gray. Some days are filled with happiness and joy while others are filled with sadness and the lowest of lows. But some people always manage to see the sun through the clouds. They focus on the positive and even when it seems impossible they’re still able to find positivity in the hardest of times.
I love these people.
These people have seen numerous lows and continue to go on because they know that at the end of the struggle they’ll find their greatest strength. They know that continuing to look at what’s negative will only continue to breed more shit. So they do what they know best. They harness their perspective and ensure that their focus remains on what is positive. Because in the end, when it comes to living our best life and how we interact with the world there are only two things that we can control. The first one being how we see the world. The second one being how we react to it.
We’ll never be able to control the actions of others or how others insist on consistently focusing on outcomes that are not there’s to control, but what we can control are our own.
Our own thoughts. Our own actions. Our own mind.
We have the power to control how we see the world and in the end what we see is what will continue to manifest. See the good and you’ll continue to be blessed with more. But if you only see bad then this is what will continue to show up and darken our days.
What do you focus on?
Do you find it difficult to pull the good out of the bad?
If you do, you’re not alone. As a whole we’re taught to look for problems and to consume or desire more than we may ever want or need. Some of us are taught to look for more. While this thought process encourages us to strive for greatness it also encourages us to take the focus off of what we already have and place it on acquiring more.
But who needs more?
What we need to do is spend more time grateful for all that we have, even our struggles because it is those struggles that guide us to discover our greatest strengths. Without the negative, we’d never understand or appreciate the positive. So yes, while there are times that life can appear to be hectic, chaotic and downright maddening but in each of these moments, I ask you to ask yourself is there something bigger to see.
Is there a lesson?
Is there a gift?
Next time, the world has got you down and you find yourself giving in look a little deeper and try to find the gem, because underneath every layer is a greater lesson, a gift you’ve carried along the way.
With all my heart,
Spend a little more time focused on the positive and watch as it continues to overflow.

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