What Can You Pull From This?

It's what YOU SEE in what you look at that matters most.
It's been 47 days, twelve hours, and sixteen seconds since
I’ve left the comfort of my home.
It's been over two weeks since I've drove my car.
Over a month of not having been to the gym,
not having a coffee date,
meeting a friend for happy hours,
cooking for my loves, enjoying a warm embrace and long walks on the beach.
Over a month, without some of my favorite things, and I survived.
To be honest, I thrived.
This time has been the greatest gift I could have ever received.
When I say it out loud my heart feels heavy,
because I know, that right now, there are people out there who are suffering.
But then I think,
there are people like me, who were suffering in a different way.
Were you suffering?
Were you spending all of your days working and forgetting about what was happening within the four walls of your home?
Were you distracting yourself, so that you could not think about what was happening inside?
Were you doing anything and everything, not to feel uncomfortable about all of the things you were blatantly ignoring?
Life is interesting, isn’t it?
There are times when you get so caught up in living,
that you forget that you’re not really living the life you want to live.
You forget that you have people that love you, and miss you.
You forget that weeks have gone by, and you never settled that stupid disagreement with your stubborn family member.
You forget that there is more to life besides work.
You forget about what's
But now you’ve been given a gift.
An epic reminder,
to spend more time laughing, living and loving,
and a little less time,
trying to keep up with the Jones’s.
Spend a few extra moments in gratitude today.
Sit with the images of what the past month has brought you.
Did you repair a relationship?
Did you build a new one?
Did you fall in love with yourself all over again?
Did you finally learn how to?
Then make a promise to yourself that wherever you go next, you’ll always remember this important time, and the lesson it brought.
I know, I sure will.
Sending lots of love,
Melissa Fino
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