Three Ways to Manifest Your Dreams into Reality

“Most people are thinking about what they don’t want, and they’re wondering why it shows up over and over again."
– John Assaraf
We all have that one thing that keeps us up at night. As a matter of fact we think about it during the day too. Often we think are we strong enough to chase that dream and other times we wonder is it just another dream to leave behind. Then there are times when we wonder is it really possible to think this dream into existence? To dare I say manifest it. But what is this word manifest and what does it really mean.
Manifesting anything in life requires us to focus all of our energy on making that one thing our reality. We need to focus our awareness, our time, our energy, and all of our emotions on making this one DREAM/VISION come true.
So is it possible? YES, I do believe it is. But, do you?
Ultimately, we hold the responsibility for creating our own destiny.
There are two ways of looking at life. When we choose to look at life negatively we view the world as filled with obstacles. But on the other hand when we view life positively those obstacles become possibilities. Remember it is what we see that continues to create the thought pattern for how we live. There is a pattern that occurs if you see life negatively and it revolves around obstacles, endless amounts of obstacles. However, if you view life positively then you will continue to see the world as it is, filled with possibility.
The first step to manifesting is to believe that what you desire is possible, so when looking to manifest you must be an OPTIMIST.
Then you must….
Gain Clarity
In order to get clear about what your vision is you must spend endless amounts of time dreaming about it. What does it look like? What will it require? Do you have the resources needed to make it happen?
Allow your mind to create the exact vision that you desire and then act as if it’s already happening. What emotions will you be feeling when your vision comes true? To manifest your thoughts into existence you must cultivate the exact feelings that the experience will bring.
Believe in it.
If you don’t believe that you worthy of your dream then you will continue to attract the opposite, therefore you must believe. However believing will never work if your subconscious mind continues to tell you that you are not worthy of your dream. Your words and actions must mirror the words that you repeat to yourself in your head. Adapt new behaviors such as meditation, yoga, journaling and being mindful as these behaviors will allow you to intuitively connect with your inner guide and ultimately focus on your greatest desires.
Be grateful for it.
The universe feels your energy and continues to meet you where you are. Gratitude creates a higher frequency and it will meet you there. A mindset where one views life as “LACKING” will continue to follow the same negative pattern. You are in control of what the universe is providing you.
It is possible to manifest your desires.
Do you believe? Have you had any experience with this?

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