Three Ways to Greater Fulfillment  & Loving Your Life

"Not until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves." ~ Henry David Thoreau
Do you feel disconnected? Do you spend most of your days staring off into space and wondering if there’s more? Chances are there is and you’ll always be wondering why if you never take the chance. So what are you waiting for?
So many of us spend our days going through the motions never filled with any passion or purpose. We’re unfulfilled and left wondering is this what life is like? We spend our moments anxiously debating our future and forever losing the precious moment at hand. It’s the same day that exists over and over again and we just can’t break the monotony of the routine.
But then there are others. One’s who’ve stepped outside of the box and allowed their intuition to guide the way. They spend their days happy and fulfilled. Never looking for more always content with what they have. They love life and in return life loves them back.
If you’re playing it safe right now you can stop questioning yourself AS YOU already know YOU ARE. But if you are looking for some sure fire “tell all’ signs that you might be on the wrong path here it goes…
What do you feel like in the morning?
Do you always feel tired?
Do you have a hard time explaining yourself?
Do you spend your time judging others?
Do you look at other people’s lives and wish yours were more like theirs?
If you answered yes to one or more of the questions above then you might be playing it safe and it just might be the right time for you to make that move towards something greater.
But before we move any further I need you to know something I’ve been lost before and being lost is the first step to being found. So keep your head up and keep moving on as I’ve got some great advice for you.
Turns your Thoughts into More
Take all of those thoughts that exist in your mind and put them on paper. Ask yourself some questions. Are your dreams yours or someone else’s? Do you fully understand what achieving them means? As an example --- the amount of time they may require, the financial burden, the increased workload.
If you still want to move forward and chase that dream then make some clear-cut, actionable goals and write them out right there in front of you! Create a vision board and put it by your bed or somewhere that you’ll see it every day. Surround yourself with those goals until they become parts of your everyday life.
Have an Open Mind
I must admit it being open kind of sounds silly but it’s not! We spend our days thinking about where we would like to go and how we would like to do it but we never actually go and we never do. What does this mean? We have a clear-cut vision of our goals. How to get them and what they’ll feel like when we achieve them. But the real truth is life never happens the way it does in our mind. What’s even more? Our goals, dreams and desires can really happen if we let go of how we have envisioned them in our minds and become open to however they may come. They will come; it is our job to allow them.
Step Away from the Negative
Oh it’s so hard to do but it’s absolutely necessary if you want to change your life. The utmost truth is that negativity breed’s negativity and in order to receive positive, life changing results you must surround yourself with positivity. You can change your life and YOU WILL but leave those naysayers in the dust where they belong.
Keep in mind that it is the people who never challenge themselves who are the first to criticize those that do. So break those habits by stepping away from those who try to push you back down.
Your goals are achievable and in order to achieve them you have to start believing in yourself more then you do your fears. Relax and take action but take slow action. One day you’ll look around and see that you’ll be living the life you always dreamed of and I promise you that you will be fulfilled.

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