Three Things You can do Today to Change Your Negative Inner Voice to a Positive, Supportive One

Inner Voice Week #2
(but who are we kidding we know it’s going to take more than two weeks)
I’m dying to know did any of you take the challenge that I threw out at you? Did you listen to your voice and then scream and run and do the exact opposite of what it told you to do?
If you did…. I guarantee that your world was rocked this week because you just showed yourself something that you may have forgotten, the word YES. And how YES, you can do anything that you want to do. You just have to believe it.
You can do anything. You can go back to school. You can quit your job or you can even climb the highest peak in the land. Or if you’d like to take it down a notch and just start slow well you can drive directly to the gym after work. And you can drive right past that cheeseburger joint that’s calling your name and go home and make salad. Or even simpler, yes you can smile to that cute guy next to you in the grocery line. I mean, come on now. We got this.
This is life and it’s happening right here. Right now. Do we really want to waste any more time because we decided to listen to that nasty little inner critic that exists inside?
I don’t want to. And if you’re like me here are some suggestions to tame your inner critic and start living the life that your heart is dying to live.
Last week I suggested you do the opposite of what your inner critic is telling you to do. (link for last week)
Keep doing that and try this as well.
Inner Voice Journal
Carry a small journal with you for 3 days. Every time your inner critic causes you to doubt yourself jot it down in the journal. Yes, I know for some of us this could be lots and lots of pages. But on a serious NOTE, it’s really important as when you are able to go back to that journal and reflect on your thoughts, you will find where your voice stems from and what pieces of you still need to HEAL. It will also aid you in identifying what triggers your inner voice.
You are not to blame for what has happened to you. Repeat that over and over again and don’t ever believe the little white lies you tell yourself that make you believe you are at fault for what keeps you up at night. You are human. You are a woman. Some of us have been victims and some of us have been the victimizer. But no matter where we have been and where are we going there are two things that we all share
we are HUMAN and we are LEARNING.
We’re not BAD we're just making it through and learning as we go. Let that shit go girl, as there are so many beautiful things that are about to unfold in its place.
Love Yourself
Love yourself as you are. I mean every little beautiful piece of you. You’re special. So special that someone looked down on this earth and thought it needed someone with the beautiful, unique gifts that ONLY you have. And that person wanted you to be loved and that’s why they created you with LOVE. You we’re never created to be shamed, loathed or despised. You we’re only created for love.
So how are you going to do it?
Well you can start by replacing your negative inner voice with a positive one and we’ll be covering more of this next week but for now grab a couple of post it notes and write kind words about yourself on them.
Here are a few examples.
I love you.
I’m kind to others.
I take care of my body.
I love my smile.
I love my big, round booty or boobies.
I love my resilience.
I love how I’m the first to try new things.
I love how smart I am.
I love how I’m able to forgive.
I help the needy.
I want to make a change in the world and I’m actively trying.
I’m a great artist.
I ‘m a fabulous wife.
Great listener.
I’m passionate about…
This makes me happy…
I love….
Get at it and fill your home with reminders of all the things you love in life. As well as all of the things you love about yourself.
See you here next week. Same place. Same time. The only thing is next week we’ll be discussing how to change that nasty little inner voice into a positive, supportive one. And well I believe we could all use a little help with that.
Sending love your way on this journey,

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