Three Reasons to Let Go of What Was and Start Living in What Is

Some of you look at back at it fondly. As a time period in life you often wish you could go back to. While some of you look at it with terror, wondering how you were able to get from here to there in one piece and still be sitting here.
But yesterday, is always a mystery.
Sadly, most of our memories are distorted. You only remember the best of times or the worst. Truth be told, most of you will never remember the whole story, but so often, that doesn’t matter because it’s the story you tell yourself that always wins.
The good, the bad, the ugly. The love, the lust and the longing. Every piece of it lives and breathes inside.
And the more we repeat it, the more our thoughts continue to believe it.
Most of you are living in what was… The words that were said or even unsaid. The lover who cheated on you. The parent who was a drunk. The friend that was horrible. The uncle who fucked up. But today, I ask you to dig deeper into that story. How many times have you repeated this story over and over in your head? How many times have you played out the situation… wondering what if I had just said, ----> What if I had just walked away, ----> what if I just stayed?
And you wonder, if any of those situations had played out differently would today be any different than it is? Would you still be together? Would you still be friends? Would you be sitting across from each other, sharing a meal, almost as if things had never changed.
So you go on… living and breathing in what was and completely missing the moment you're in. The sweet neighbor who gifted you an apple pie, the hot twenty-something-year old who was giving you the eye or even the people who are closest to you who are trying to CONNECT with you, right now, in the moment you’re in.
Are you in what was? If you are let’s take a moment to step in, what is.
What is..
Around You… people who love you. Yes, they might not be the person you're thinking of but they might just be the person you need.
Within You... lies a strong beautiful woman. It’s easy to look back and reflect on every mistake you’ve ever made when that’s all you know. All you see. If you’ve always looked at your past with a negative eye it can be challenging to find the gold but I promise you there is always some. Every time you’ve seen the bottom, fell down on your ass or even heard the word “no” when you desperately wanted to hear “yes”, you found a way to rebound, and although it may he hard to see it now, you’re here and you get to live another day. You have an inner strength within you that is stronger than you know. And everyone around you, sees it and knows it’s time for you to see it for yourself.
Waiting for You… every beautiful feeling, experience and dream you could . All you have to do is let go of what was and spend time in what is. While it might seem challenging at first, I promise you it’s the only way to start living and breathing the beautiful moments you're in.
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