Thirty-eight Lessons that I have Learned in the Past Thirty-eight Years.

It’s my birthday! It’s so hard to believe that thirty-eight years have come and gone. Where did the time go? Each year has been a small step guiding me towards something bigger and better, but along the way I have learned that the here and now is what is most important.
Every August, I reflect upon my last year. Did I do everything I set out to accomplish? Was I happy? Did I challenge myself? Did I love without expectation of receiving love in return?
I think about my visions for the future. Am I happy in my environment? Where do I want to be? What would I need to change to get where I want to be?
What I have found this year is that I truly am PROUD of where I have been and who I have become. With every year, I become a stronger version of the old insecure me who felt unworthy. With every year, I begin to let go of fear and challenge myself with goals that previously seemed unobtainable. I have learned that when I let go and keep my heart open anything is possible.
With this, I have compiled a list of thirty-eight lessons that I have learned in the past thirty-eight years.
1. I don’t regret the things I did as much as I regret the things I never did or said when I needed too.
2. Holding onto anger only hurts one person, you.
3. Some things are best unsaid.
4. My family means the world to me, but you should also know that my friends the ones I choose, are the extended family that I created and I will stand by them forever.
5. True friends don’t need to speak every day, they can pick up the phone after a few months time and pick up where they left off.
6. Everyday is an opportunity to make new friends and I cherish the new ones I make as well.
7. It is essential to be kind to others.
8. I am grateful for what I have, everything, the big and the little.
9. Being passionate about what you do makes you happy.
10. Laughter is simply the best form of medicine. Sometimes I laugh so hard that I cry. You should try it.
11. Worrying is a waste of time. The more I worry, the less I can change. Action trumps worry every day.
12. I love myself. My body, my mind and my heart.
13. The love of another person will not make you love yourself.
14. Never say Never. I can go back in time and recall numerous occasions I said I would never do something that I have done that truly makes me HAPPY! Saying the word never is giving into fear. I no longer let fear rule my life.
15. Everyone has their own opinion and it is not your job to agree with them. With age, I have managed to block out the words I don’t agree with and just smile.
16. My inner voice is an incessant nagging child that needs to be acknowledged and nurtured. When I choose to ignore it feelings of insecurity surface.
17. I truly am a better version of the person I was in my twenties.
18. I have learned that sometimes it is better to listen than to speak.
19. It is important to give to others. The size of the gift is not what is important.
20. It’s ok to wear earplugs when I’m at Barry’s Bootcamp. Better yet it's ok to wear earplugs anywhere.
21. Sometimes it’s ok to not leave your house.
22. I talk to my dog. I am not the only one. Dogs are our best friends and we must talk to them or they will be lonely!
23. Live in the moment and cherish what you have while you are working towards what your heart desires.
24. Letting go is more than just a phrase. When you truly let go, your heart and your life changes.
25. When I believe I can accomplish something I do. When I doubt myself my ability to succeed dwindles.
26. Positivity will always win over negativity. A negative mind-set comes from within and only hinders you.
27. Not everyone is going to be your cup of tea. This is ok. It is not your job to get along with everyone. Surround yourself with people who nurture you and love you. But once again it is important to be kind to others.
28-. It is healthy to disagree with someone. What is important is how you resolve it.
29. Tell people you love them. Shout it from the rooftops. Life is short and opportunities can be missed.
30. Go out of your way to send simple reminders to those you love regularly. With time, I have learned that a simple card or photo during the hard times, will always be more important than a high five during the good times.
31. Love can go as fast as it comes. When you have it, nurture it and be grateful for it.
32. With age comes an increased fear to try new things. Don’t let fear stifle you. There is much more to life and age is just a number on a piece of paper.
33. Its ok to not know something.
34. Treat people the exact same way you would like to be treated.
35. The everyday is beautiful when I don’t have my blinders on.
36. I am not alone. Not only am I surrounded by love every day, but I also meet new people every day who share the same stories as me.
37. All I ever want to be is happy.
38. It can never be said enough but when one door closes another door opens that will bring you to brighter places. Keep one foot in front of the other and your head held high and you will find the exact place that you were meant to be.
Aging is scary. With every year we look back and reflect upon our previous dreams and desires. What I know now and didn’t know five or ten years ago, is that with time, your dreams change. If you allow the universe to guide you than you will find yourself in the right place. The place where you are supposed to be, your own sweet spot. Follow the signs, stay positive, don’t give into fear and remember age will forever be just a number.
Please feel free to comment on any lesson that resonates with you or share a lesson that you have learned.
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