The New WorkPlace for Women is at Home: Possibilities & Opportunities of the Shecession

The stifling effects of the pandemic have resulted in job losses which are disproportionately lower for women. The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that 865,ooo women have dropped out of the labor force in September
, and this number is four times higher than the rate for men. The government is shutting down the workforce for women by making it impossible for them to work, care for their children, provide for homeschooling as well as care for their extended families, and this is why their new workplace is at home.
However, this is not the same workplace you envision from thirty, fifty, or seventy years ago. This workplace is completely different. Women can now choose to take back control, of their lives and their income, by getting in the driver's seat and seizing the multitude of virtual opportunities that surround them. They can minimize the pressure felt by the economic downturn by seeking employment online or creating a small business of their own.
Now is the time for powerful women to harness their skills, and ingenuity to surpass those of their predecessors. By adapting the skills and strategies that they have previously used working for larger corporations, they can now create something of their own, and in some cases also employ other women who are being held back as well.
Women can beat the economic shifts that are occurring by not waiting for opportunities to come their way, but instead, by creating them. In essence, by standing powerfully in what it is,
women can create change that will affect what’s to come.
Have you secretly dreamed of opening your own online store, becoming a consultant, creating a course, or offering group programs that highlight your specialty?
Now is not the time to sit back and wonder “what if” or to allow your limiting beliefs to hold you back. Now is the time to take that chance, and build that dream; because soon enough that job you’re waiting to return to might just become another staggering statistic.
If you’re an accomplished, professional woman who’s obtained a certain level of success in your corporate role who is now ready to transition online, I invite you to apply for one of my Momentum mentorship programs. In less than three months you’ll be empowered with all of the tools to build that epic brand and attract your dream clients.

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