The Gift of Opportunity

Life gives us gifts everyday.
The gift that life gives us is opportunity. Every moment we are given a new opportunity. If you miss one. There will be another one and another one. You can grab each moment and run with it, or you can miss it. If you don’t slow down you will miss all of your opportunities and one day you will look back at your life and wonder, “was my life everything it could have been?”
The biggest reason that we let all of our opportunities pass us by is that we don’t believe we are worthy. We don’t believe enough in ourselves to change our own story. What is your story? Your story is that negative piece that you repeat over and over to yourself that cripples you. The voice that tells you “you are not good enough” or “why now, you have always failed”. In order to believe you are worthy and take advantage of all of your opportunities you need to change your story.
So how do we change our story?
Stop what you are doing. Yes, stop. Right now. Observe your surroundings. Listen to what is around you. Breathe in fresh air. Stopping provides us with an opportunity to truly become one with our surroundings. With this, we begin to see all of the little things that are often taken for granted. So many little things. The coffee in your cup, the warm blankets on your bed, the sound of the ocean, the hug from your daughter and so much more.
Stopping provides us with an opportunity to be grateful. When we begin to practice gratitude on a daily basis, more begins to show up in our life.
By becoming grateful for all of the little things in life we are opening the door to bigger and better. When you physically stop and look around your mindset begins to change. Stopping provides you with another opportunity to develop a new appreciation for life.
When we are grateful, we are open. When we are grateful, we begin to doubt less. When we are grateful we are kind, kind to others and more importantly to ourselves. When we are grateful we doubt less, we ruminate less, we love more and we are open to new opportunity.
Try it today. Stop. Observe around you. What do you see? Has anything changed?
Be grateful for it.
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