The Best Strategy to Attract Your Dream Client

Have you ever been at a party or networking event where you were absolutely terrified that someone would come up to you and ask you about YOU? They’ll want to know what you do, how long you’ve been doing it for, and how much money you make. The thought overwhelms you. It terrifies you! You run to the bar to get another drink or find a hiding place in the corner where nobody will bother you.
The truth of the matter is you really don’t know what you do, and you don’t want to make eye contact with anyone who might ask you that “gosh darn it” annoying question.
You start to wonder “why did I come to this event” or “do I even have a business because I’m pretty sure I’m not making any money here?”
That feeling creeps up as you begin to feel like an imposter.
Your inner critic sneaks up and begins whispering phrases you’re so familiar with.
You’re not worthy.
You’re not good enough.
You’ll never be successful.
But if this is you, don’t worry you’re not alone.
This is an all to common struggle for many entrepreneurs and business owners especially during their first few months as a business owner. However, to be brutally honest, this can happen to entrepreneurs who’ve been in business for years as well.
Before you can begin telling people about you and your business, you need massive clarity. When you hone in and get crystal clear you’ll begin to develop the confidence needed to have these conversations.
Consider this…
Who are you?
What do you offer?
What tangible problem does it solve?
What makes you different from the others?
What’s your call to action? How can people connect with you to utilize your services in the future?
Now here’s the key this needs to be catchy but simple AF.
If you struggle with perfecting your pitch I invite you to join the How to Take Messy Imperfect Action in Your Business Challenge. In the challenge, I work directly with you to create a pitch that will definitely leave them hanging on your every word.
And remember love, practice makes perfect.
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