The Beautiful Gifts That Can be Found in Uncertain Times

These times are UNCERTAIN.
Wow, this week (who am I kidding), this past month has been one heck of a doozy.
I’ve spent half of the time whispering to myself “It’s ok. I’ve got this”
and the other half of the time thinking to myself
“Well shit. Do I really have this?”
With so much uncertainty, it’s easy to lose your shit.
With so much uncertainty, it’s easy to fall down.
And with, so much uncertainty, it can be hard to get back up.
But on this journey of uncertainty, I wanted to remind you of a few things: you’re not alone, you’re alright and you
Do you want to know how I know this to be true?
Because every time you’ve fallen down, you've gotten back up.
Every time you thought the world was over, it wasn’t.
Every time you’ve ever felt alone, someone unexpected came along.
Look up my loves, it might not be the day you planned, but it’s your day and you get to choose how to spend it.
Trust in yourself and what will come, and soak in every minute of what is now.
For one day, you’ll be looking back, and you’ll be thinking to yourself,
I survived it all.
And then, you’ll realize, that perhaps it’s time we throw
all of our rulebooks, and all of our expectations out the window,
and continue to embrace the unknown.
While uncertainty can be terrifying, it will most certainly leave,
some beautiful gifts behind.
Soak them in.
Each and every one.
All my love,

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