Surviving -- And Thriving -- The Pandemic Guilt You Might Be Feeling

Has this time felt like more of a gift, rather than a hardship?
If it has, you’re not alone.
I was on a Zoom call with a few clients this week, and every single woman shared that they felt this time was an unexpected gift. An opportunity to reflect on where they were in life, and ensure that they were traveling the right path.
Some of them have reconnected with loved ones, built businesses, or pivoted their businesses to reflect the times, revived old flames, dug deep within to release repressed feelings, and have found hundreds of ways to enjoy life without social media and electronics.
They’ve started painting, reading, meditating, exercising, journaling, running, cooking, loving, laughing, and enjoying their life. Some of that time was alone. Some of that time was felt with others within their home.
And then, some of it all happened while they were on Zoom.
But while they’ve grown and evolved, they’ve felt guilty, or even uncomfortable sharing their truth.
Is it wrong to THRIVE during a pandemic?
Is it wrong to feel guilty about having more time, feeling deeply connected, grounded, relaxed, and being centered?
I don’t think it is.
Thriving during this time doesn’t mean you care less about the world.
It doesn’t make you heartless, or selfish.
It’s not as if you’re spreading hate, contentment, and resentment, across the world. So stop making yourself feel as if you are.
We all have this time.
And what we do with it, is our choice.
You can use it as a gift or use it as a time to feel deeply connected to those who are suffering.
But how you look at this time doesn’t make you bad. It only makes you human. We all have individual feelings, and let’s be honest here, before this time some of you weren’t even feeling them. Don’t shame yourself for doing so, now.
Keep feeling.
Keep thriving.
Keel being human.
Because someday soon, you'll be allowed to connect offline again, and just as it was before every person will be feeling something different.
Sending virtual hugs your way,
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