Reveling in Change

One reason people resist change is that they focus on what they have to give up. Instead of what they have to gain. ~Unknown
It seems that life is happening way too fast these days. Every day I wake up and something unexpected has changed. Change has been sneaking up on me and it is almost unbearable as none of it is in my control.
See I know that change is good. With change we are afforded new opportunities to broaden our horizons and ultimately grow but truth be told I’m scared. Scared of life happening too fast and ultimately being out of my control. Change may be good but when it happens all at once I force myself to take a step back. I brace myself for it. I allow myself a day or two to process it. Than after it has been processed I begin to revel in it.
Why do I do this?
Well the truth is when change presents itself to you are given two choices. You can grow with it or you can continue to remain in the past. If you decide to remain in the past than you will remain unchanged. You will follow the same routine. Encounter the same situations. You will not love more or less. You will just love the same. You will not learn from the lessons that are presented your way. Your life will be an endless cycle of repeat with no highs and lows. No growth. No opportunity.
But if you choose to process change and ultimately grow with it you will be pushed beyond your comfort zone. You will experience life. All of it and nothing less! You will become your best self. Open and free to life and to love. Open and free to opportunities that will not pass you by! You will be able to provide all that you need for yourself and for everyone else as well.
So we must embrace change and be thankful for it no matter how scary it can be!
Today, when I look back I am reminded of the numerous times when change came and scared the SHIT out of me! I have experienced the significant loss of a loved one, been left broken hearted by a lover, survived significant trauma, changed jobs, homes, moved cross country, left the country and so much more. But every time I was able to embrace change and just go with it I was better for it. I ask you to take a moment and look at how change has affected your life. Are you different for it?
Change has made me be strong. Change has taught me that I am resilient. I am sure that you will find the same for yourself.
Today I am reminding you that change happens unbelievably fast and if you don’t pay attention you can miss all of the signs that life is trying to send you.
Are you listening to the signs? Are you choosing to grow?
If not. I wonder what is holding you back?
Thank you for being a member of the LoveYourLife Community. Wishing you love and light.

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