Remember Her? She is Still in There. Go on Now you Know you Want to Find Her.

How do you find her? Where did she go? Follow my story and you will be on your way to finding your inner child once again.
We are born innocent, unexposed to the harsh realities of life. We are happy, happy until we experience the highs and lows of life and ultimately become paralyzed by fear. When does this happen? When is the exact point that our inner child loses its spirit and becomes shall I dare say jaded?
As children we are taught that if we have nothing nice to say than we should say nothing at all. As children we learn that our feelings need to be filtered. Through the filtration process we learn that positive feelings of joy and bliss should always be shared but feelings of shame and guilt should be hidden and never shared with others. At a young age we are programmed to believe that when we experience guilt, feelings of insecurity or self doubt we need to immediately silence them. As children we are programmed to be silent.
Fast forward years later into adulthood and imagine all of the silenced stories that we carry with us. Each of us carries a unique story that has molded us into who we are today. Some stories are centered on triumph and adversity, while other stories, the silenced stories buried deep within, tell stories of sorrow and pain. Each of us walks around with our own story of pain. Each specific story creates a theme in our life and explains why we act in specific ways.
What would life be like if we shared our silenced stories with those who were closest to us? What if we simply shared our stories to everyone? Sharing your story creates an element of vulnerability and enables you to slowly lower your walls. When we share our story we begin to let go of all that has weighed us down in the past and make room for the new.
What if I walked up to you shook your hand and simply said my deepest insecurity is that I will never be good enough. What if I told you that when I was younger my parents argued? They argued a lot. I dropped out of high school. My first high school boyfriend cheated on me. In my twenties I was involved in an abusive unhealthy relationship with a volatile man who always told me that I was worthless. What if I said losing my father was one of the scariest experiences of my life and at the time I didn’t know if I was strong enough to get through it. What would your response be?
What if I said I’ve spent years working on myself but the truth is every experience that I have had has made me into who I am today. By owning all of my stories I have become stronger. Speaking my truth has made me stronger.
The truth is silence is powerful. Silence creates walls and we protect ourselves by hiding behind them. BUT do we truly want to spend our lives hiding behind walls?
I no longer want to be silent. I want to be honest. I want to be free. I want to be powerful by using my voice.
My voice creates an enhanced sense of clarity that silence could never provide. I encourage you to speak your story and begin the process of letting down your walls. I encourage you to let go of silence and make room for beautiful things in your life. I encourage you to find your inner child and free it by letting go of your silence.
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