Episode 10: Pushing Through Resistance & Allowing Happiness

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Episode 10: Pushing Through Resistance & Allowing Happiness
I’m allergic to bull shit.
I’m also allergic to anyone saying I can’t, because 99% of the time you CAN you just WON’T.
Do you want to know why?
You’ve been running the same old tape recorder over and over in your head and it tells you can’t.
It remembers the first time you ever failed, the first time you felt insecure, alone, or even judged AND IT STOPS YOU IN YOUR TRACKS.
It almost feels like the MADNESS will never stop but it can.
I know, because I’ve been there before and I’ve found my way through.
So can you.
Join me on my brand new podcast episode and let's talk about breaking through the resistance, and peeling back those unnecessary, protective layers.
In This Episode:
  • [00:57] - Holding yourself back and resisting the shedding of your layers
  • [02:53] - How you can shift and take the first step forward
  • [05:53] - Be honest, how happy are you right now?
  • [06:58] - Lean in and allow happiness to come inside you
Key Takeaways:
  • Trust that everything you desire is available for you and it's coming faster than you could ever imagine.
  • Life isn't about getting from one struggle to the next. It's about being happy.

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