Post Election: Path of Acceptance and Love

I like everyone else in America was glued to my TV last night. I was shocked. I am shocked. I am paralyzed with fear. The same fear that has allowed our country to turn backwards from hundreds of years of progress. America home of the brave and free, was at one point looked to as the safest place in the world for everyone. Somehow along the way the United States of America lost its unity and the nation became divided.
This morning millions of Americans woke up and did not feel safe. They looked at their children, and their families and wondered what the next day may bring. This morning I woke up scared. I tried to wrap my head around how a man who has denigrated most American citizens can truly be elected for the presidency of the United States of America?
I didn’t set out to write this post to turn it into another political rant. I wrote this post to remind myself, and others around me to love unconditionally. There is a bigger reason for what happened last night and a divided nation will only cause more panic amongst the citizens that we want to protect. We must not allow ourselves to turn negative. As Michelle Obama said, “When they go low we go high”. I’m going with her. I don’t want a life that is filled with fear. More importantly, I don’t want a life that is filled with hate.
Today I’m moving on. With an open heart I’ve decided to accept the things I cannot change and focus on the things that I can change. Here are the things that I can change. I can volunteer more. I can offer kindness to a stranger. I can listen to a stranger. I can listen to a friend. I can be a strong woman with a heart larger than many who continue to care for others around me. I can lead by example. I can unconditionally love. I can educate others about the beauty that can be found amongst our blended nation, as it is our cultural differences and beliefs that makes America so beautiful. I can live.
Today, I choose to let go of an election that has brought with it so much hatred. For my own sanity, I will open my heart today. I will open my heart to the world, regardless of their personal opinions. For I know, that the longer I hold onto anger the closer I will be to the hatred that so divided our nation.
Today, I choose my path and it is etched with love.I hope you will come with me.
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