Live Life a Little Lighter with this Simple Shift

Are you waiting until the time is right to follow through on what your heart desires? Well how’s that working for you?
Do you silently wonder to yourself what would life be like if you went back to school, opened up that new business, decided to have a child on your own rather than waiting for the right man…what if you did that one big thing that makes your heart skip a beat? Do you think your life would life be different?
You know the answer but still you sit here and wait. You’re paralyzed by fear, the unknown of what could happen, possible judgment from those who mean the most or even failure. But action on your dreams is never as terrifying as your thoughts make them out to be.
Your thoughts are the primary reason why you don’t go. Why you don’t do. You’ve sat on your dreams for way to long. You’ve thought about all the scenarios and all the ways it could go wrong. So much so, that you’ve turned those harsh thoughts into your own reality. But they’re not the truth. The real truth is you can have anything your heart desires but first you have to take action.
And action looks different for everyone. For some of you, it will be a small step, albeit a phone call, a vision board or even simply, speaking your truth out loud. And for others that first step will be tremendous, it may require a business loan, immunizations so that you can leave the country or even closing the door on a relationship that is no longer filled with love.
That very first step is courageous and that is the one that leads to incredibly, beautiful life changes but when will you decide to take it?
Perhaps you never will…
I don’t want to sound harsh (or maybe I do) but if you’ve allowed your thoughts to create a false reality of what could happen if you made that first step, how about you allow them to see your life if your don’t.
I imagine that would be scarier. A life filled with regret, numerous questions and lots of what ifs. There comes a point when you have to look fear in the face and run towards it as if it was going to light your life on fire, because it will. That first courageous step will take you to places you never imagined you’d go. So run, baby, run. Light yourself on fire. And when fear crosses your mind, catch that thought and shift it towards the positive changes that are about to unfold.
This is your one life and it’s about time you took control. Say good-bye to the bull shit, the insecurity and self-doubt and say hello to the new you, the fearless and assured. It’s time to face your fears head on and push your thoughts aside. Tell your inner voice “It’s ok. I’ve got this” and then go because if you don’t you’ll look back one day and now you did yourself wrong.
But there’s something else… So many of us are sitting around worrying about failing and not taking any action. With this our biggest fear is becoming our reality. But when the day is over failure can only be defined by not taking action. Failing is not what happens when you make a first step and don’t immediately succeed. Failure is what happens when you sit on the sidelines and watch everyone else try.
We must eliminate the expectation that we’ll have it all figured out on the first try because we won’t. But when we keep making steps towards what we desire we then learn the method to achieve our goal.
So by taking failure out of the equation I’m now wondering… what’s your excuse?
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