Let Me Tell You How a Life Coach Can Change Your Life

“Life's short. Live passionately.”
~Marc A. Pitman
Say the word life coach in a packed room and I guarantee you your bound to get some blank stares. People will either ask you questions like what do you do, is it a real job or even are there any benefits to working with you. I get it. The term “life coach” is brand new for some. And while I have no qualms about further clarifying the details of my profession I always laugh (on the inside) when I think about the fact that no one ever asks a sports coach to define his job.
Have you ever heard anyone ask a basketball, baseball or soccer coach to define his or her job? Why do people believe that they need support and guidance when it comes to sports but they question it most when it affects the quality of their lives?
I understand that life coaching has a bad rap for two reasons. The first being that it is widely misunderstood and the second being that social media has created an outlet for numerous people to proclaim to be self-help gurus. But these reasons are not enough to belittle the field and the professionals that currently work in it.
The life coaches that I personally know in my field are highly educated with various degrees in the fields of psychology, social services and health administration. These people are HELPERS and have spent the majority of their lives helping people and they now see that there is a brilliant method that can allow us to impact the future of one’s life rather than consistently reflecting back to one’s past.
A life coach is a helper. They are not the doer. They actively work with you to uncover your dreams, recognize your true potential and motivate you to go after what you want! A life coach works with you by utilizing therapeutic tools and motivational interviewing techniques to uncover what your greatest desires are. They also uncover your biggest fears, the ones that are preventing you from moving forward.
And YES we could all benefit from working with a life coach.
Have you ever noticed that with age comes stubbornness, an increased amount of fears and unwillingness to do anything that is outside of your comfort zone? What’s even more, with age we dream bigger but we are less likely to attempt to achieve them. Instead we wallow in regret for having never chased our dreams and continue to stand in the comfort zone. But if we want to get our feet wet and stop wallowing in regret we should go out and actively recruit a life coach to help us. I promise you it will CHANGE YOUR LIFE.
Life gives us lemons and it is our job to make lemonade.
Life can be scary and half of the time that is why we never jump. We remain frozen in time with both of our feet planted securely on the ground. We want to make that move. We want to make that change. But we’re scared and all we really need is a little nudge to help get us over the edge. And then it happens. The nudge. We get one step closer to that unachievable goal and all of a sudden were going full force ahead.
We’ve established momentum and we are now close to accomplishing a goal that was previously unachievable. In an instant we’ve changed our life but if we didn’t get that help establishing clarity and creating the appropriate personal development plan then we wouldn’t be changing our life.
It’s your life and your dreams and you get to decide. Do you want to continue sleeping with them or do you want to see them in real life with open eyes?
Oh yes! I must remind you that it is possible to let go of your inhibitions and chase after those desires that you so long for all by yourself! But I must ask you. Have you already taken the leap? If you haven’t then it might behoove you to give the field of life coaching a second thought. We’re only here to help you chase after what you want.
Even more so, a majority of life coaches are experienced in chasing after their dreams and stepping away from the normal status quo. Seems to me that we may be the right people to ask about how to face your fears and how to get unstuck from your life’s comfort zone.
So while yes you might not need a life coach and your life may be perfect as it is; I’m only asking you, to see the real reason why life coaches exist. We exist to help you, and push you past the day to day. We are here to help you love the life you get to live.
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