Is Your Money Mindset Holding Your Business Back?

Do you struggle with money?
Have you ever had to decline an invitation to a dinner, weekend getaway or vacation because you didn’t have the funds?
Do you wish for financial freedom?
Do you desire to make an investment in yourself, but you struggle with saying yes because you don’t think you’ll have enough money?
If you said yes to any of the questions above you’re not alone. Money can be seen as dirty, shameful, and problematic. For many it’s a topic that’s not discussed as it can lead directly to unresolved issues but today you have the chance to face that fear and take your power back.
So let’s dive in, a money mindset is an overruling belief that centers around finances. This mindset drives your financial choices, and it can also have a massive impact on your ability to achieve your goals. If it’s unresolved it will most likely leave you behind. However, if you change your mindset about money, you’ll create more opportunities for yourself as well as become better equipped to face future challenges head on.
So how do you do this?
The truth is you can’t move forward and learn the tools necessary to save and increase your income if you don’t work through the subconscious thoughts and fears that are holding you back.
Today I want to offer you a money mindset tool that will help you shift your thoughts, push past those limiting beliefs and empower you to embrace possibilities.
Grab your trusty journal and settle into a warm space. Create a warm inviting environment by lighting a candle, sitting by a fire, playing some relaxing music in the background, utilizing your essential oils, or whatever it is that brings comfort to you in order to master these thoughts and bring them to light.
The first step for this process is to  begin to think about where you have allowed money to have power over you in your life. Complete this sentence I have given my power to ________ or I have allowed money to _______ . Things to consider are your freedom, relationships, jobs, where you live, dreams you’ve dreamed…
Rewrite this over and over again until you feel that you can no longer do it again. The goal is to bring awareness to where money has held you back and kept you from being your most authentic self.
When you are ready flip the page so that we can then begin the second step. What are your limiting beliefs about money? For some of my clients money makes them feel shameful or even guilty. Some may feel as if they have it they then they will have to give it to others. Some feel that they need to keep it all for themselves. What are your limiting beliefs that center around money? How does it make you feel?
The last step is the most intriguing, considering the possibility that money was never an issue what would you do? Where would you live? Who would you be with? Envision the life you dream of and don’t be beholden by the numbers that are currently in your bank account. You are free to create the life you want.
What do you see yourself doing?
How is it different from the life you are currently living?
Now that you see your dream life how do you create the vision that will make you happy (money or not)?
Here’s a hint that will get you from here to there.
Take your ego out of it.
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Are you ready?
This blog was inspired by a previous coaching session with one of my mentors Dr. Erin Fall Haskell. You can find out more about her teachings, and her offerings right here.

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