How to Create Social Media Content that Highlights Your Business and Sells Itself

Do you know those days when you don’t know what to post?
You quickly scramble to see what other people are posting about and three hours later you’re still on IG with no NEW POST and now you’re wondering why you don’t have what #barbie has and you have three new items in your Amazon cart.
So you shut your phone off and spend ten more minutes wondering what in the hell just happened?
Yes, this can happen to any of YOU especially when you’re not planning your content.
Get out of “I’ve got nothing to say” by having every day planned for you!
I know what you’re thinking but I like to see how I’m feeling that day.
Well, how’s that working out for you?
Right? Right.
This is the best way! And then if you’re feeling something in a MAJOR WAY that day you can add that post into the mix and save the original post for later in the week, or even the following week.
So let’s get serious.
What does your feed look like?
Is it all over the place or does it reflect you and your business?
Start by getting CLEAR on your primary topic areas. You should choose 3-6 topics and use them in your weekly rotation.
Things to consider… who are you, what is your business, your mission, your purpose, what lights you up, what inspires you, what is your message.
Things to remember… you are a business owner, but you are also a unique individual. These topic areas should be reflective of both.
As an example, these are primary pillars for my business.
  • Job Security/Opportunities
  • Self-Doubt
  • Business
  • Origin Story: High School Drop-out to USC with my MSW
  • Best Selling Author: Little Miss Perfect
  • Mission/ Impact Business: Empower over 1,000,000 women to push past their limiting beliefs and chase their dreams.
Now it’s time to CREATE YOUR OWN. If you tried this exercise and loved it be sure to heart it below so I know to share more blogs like these in the future.
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