How the Law of Attraction Creates the Community that Surrounds You

Everyone is your mirror.
However, those closest to you offer more insight then the person you see looking back at you. I’m sure you’ve heard this quote by Jim Rohn before “You’re the average of the five people you spend time with?” When I hear this it always prompts me to think about the people I surround myself with. As I’m sure it does the same for you. I wonder do the people around me share my strengths or do they share my weaknesses.
It turns out that the people you surround yourself around are mirrors for your personality. So let’s get honest here. Do you like what you see? If you don’t like what surrounds you may have to dig deep within and become the change that you need. It is only when we change ourselves that we will begin to see the people around us change as well.
But please don’t think wrong of the people in your life, or even more yourself. The mirror is your greatest lesson and advocate as it offers you clear insight into what needs repair. Are the people around you insecure? This insight may prompt you to focus on what makes you insecure. Are the people you surround yourself with angry? If they are, then perhaps you’ve been holding onto something that needs to be resolved or let go. Or even more, perhaps you need to offer more self-love to yourself.
On the other hand the people around you could be positive, uplifting and supportive. This would be a clear indicator that these are traits that you convey as well. Our subconscious mind chooses to surround itself with people who feel the way we feel; people who act and react in the same manner that we do.
The mirror is an example of the Law of Attraction - like attracts like. When we are self-defeating and negative we will continue to attract more negativity, negative people as well as negative behaviors and patterns. However, when we exude positivity and love ourselves as we are, we will continue to attract positive people, behaviors and circumstances in our life.
Think about this. Have you ever had an experience where you were excited about something and found yourself surrounded by someone who shit all over your happiness. What did you do? Well if you were like me your ran far away from the negative person and learned your lesson.
Positive people do not surround themselves around people who are negative as they are energy stealers who are in need of attention and approval. Positive people surround themselves with people who are like them. Negative people surround themselves with like-minded individuals so that they can continue to have someone to go down the rabbit hole with.
But yes, life happens and at any given point it can knock us over and if we’re not careful we may go down the rabbit hole of negativity as well. So if this happens to you and you don’t like what the mirror reveals here a few suggestions to help you along the way.
  • Learn to be open to life and open to possibility.
  • Release the need to judge. Yourself and others.
  • Honestly assess how you process your feelings.
  • Create healthy patterns to replace negative ones. Some examples of this are replacing binge eating and drinking with yoga, meditation, journaling, walks and other healthy activities.
  • Be present and feel your feelings in the moment and then release them when you are ready.
  • Don’t expect that other people will fill the void of something that you are not giving yourself.
And most importantly own who you are, the good and the bad. It is not until you take ownership of all of your qualities that you will be able to change them. Is it possible that character traits that you see in someone else infuriate you, as they are ones that you possess but often ignore?
On the flipside we may have friends or partners who are the exact opposite of who we are. This usually occurs because we are at opposite extremes and we are seeking to balance our own behaviors. A workaholic may surround themself with a free spirit and incessantly complain about their lack of responsibility. However, on a deeper level their subconscious is aware that the free spirit will balance them out and bring joy to their life.
In the end, the mirror reveals parts of yourself that are so often ignored. Look around you. What does it reveal?

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