Hand To Hold

My whole life I've been closed.
Uncertain. Confused.
Blanketed by layers.
Hidden from all.
My life was different.
What you saw was not me.
A facade. An illusion.
A blanketed ghost.
But there was no truth to be found from my outer most layer.
The ones underneath as well.
Happy and strong were lies.
Told not only to you.
But to me as well.
The real truth was frightening.
I was alone.
I was a lie.
A sham.
Ready to crumble and break.
And I did.
I fell hard.
I admitted my lies, told to myself,
and spoke my truth.
I removed my armor
and was surprised to find more underneath.
So I kept on uncovering,
one by one,
until one day I felt lighter.
I spoke my truth.
Each and every word
and experience
that had shamed me,
had become my closest ally.
Pain became beauty.
Weakness became strength.
I am lighter
for I now see the light.
My most shameful layers have led me to know that there will never be a time where I will be alone.
So now you see.
What I have come to find.
There is no shame
in reaching for another hand
to hold.
We are meant to be supported
and loved.
Regardless of what our past may have been.
Each of us has a layer to reveal
and a story to tell.
So speak your truth
and don't shy away.
Your truth will either set you free or suffocate you. Be strong. Be brave. Share your truth.

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