Growth Behaviors for Coaches: Three Tips to Develop Consistency in Your Business

Are you struggling in your business and wondering why you’re not seeing results?
I’m betting there’s one reason why this might be happening for you CONSISTENCY.
That right there is a clutch component to having your business take off.
I’ll give it to you... it can be hard to maintain consistency especially when you're not seeing the results you desire right away. Those results can take months, sometimes even years and when they don’t happen as fast as you imagined, your ego can get in the way and cause you to retreat.
But those results will only come when you maintain consistency.
Here are three tips to help you maintain consistency in your business and attract all that you desire.
This isn’t PERSONAL. It’s not about you. It’s about your business, and your business will NOT be for everyone. Keep these two things in mind when you’re feeling insecure: every no is bringing you closer to a yes, and every “perceived failure” is only a lesson that is bringing you one step closer to the desired result.
Stop going all willy nilly, and doing things when they feel right. Plan your content ahead and if you need help with this please click here to be forwarded to my content planning blog.
Set your target numbers for the week/ month ahead. How many sales calls will you have? How many memberships, mentorships, or products will you sell? What steps will you need to have in place to ensure that this happens?
Stop being behind, by planning ahead.
If you can’t work with a coach, get yourself an accountability buddy. If you’re hell-bent against that 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ set up a sure-fire system in place to ensure accountability. Color block your schedule, turn your phone off, set reminders throughout your day that remind you of your long term goals, give yourself a deadline that you can’t miss.
Here’s an example of the last one if you’ve been thinking about going LIVE or hosting a Masterclass stop thinking about it and immediately set the date for it. Market it before it’s ready. Nothing is going to change unless you hold yourself accountable to do it.
If all else fails think of your dream clients and what they need…
I imagine they need consistency in their life and you’re the right person to model that behavior for them.
So how will you show up for your future clients?
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