Four Reasons Why You Want to Be An Imperfect Business Owner

Have you ever struggled with putting your work out into the world?
You’ve spent hours researching, reviewing and perfecting your blog, website copy, your first course, email or Facebook Live but when the time comes to put your work out there you hesitate. Your thoughts start going crazy and you begin to wonder what they’re going to think of you.
Will it be good enough?
Will anyone like it?
Should I spend more time learning about (x, y and z) before I put myself out there?
And then, before you know it, weeks, months or even years have passed by and you’ve never let anyone see your work. At this point in time, you’ve forgotten why you began, your anxious AF and your proposed business has turned into a headache-inducing hobby.
When you strive for perfection in your business you achieve NOTHING. In all actuality it’s a masked procrastinator that keeps you from being, doing and growing.
It’s an allusion but perfection doesn’t exist, and if you’re not careful it will keep you from everything that your heart desires.
Instead of perfection you should strive for imperfection. If you’re still on the fence and you need a greater push here are four massive reasons why you should strive for imperfection today.
You Take Action
A perfectionist refuses to put their work out into the world until it’s perfect, but by doing so, they never put their work out into the world. It’s ironic in a way, but it’s subconscious. You don’t know that you’re doing it, unless someone else points it out to you. When you embrace imperfection you always take action and you always make progress.
You Learn What Works
With every step you take you begin to learn what works best for your business and what doesn’t. This is something that doesn’t happen when you seek perfection and don’t take action.
Your + Your Business Evolve
With all of that action taking, you develop confidence and begin to make more powerful, bold moves that will impact your business.
You Live Your Purpose
Perfectionists strive to make everything perfect so that they won’t be seen, judged or criticized. By doing so, they allow their ego to take the front seat and forget about why they began. When we embrace imperfection we make moves that are aligned with our purpose and not our ego.
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