Five Habits to Adapt in Your Life for a BulletProof Mindset

Did you know that your thoughts create your reality?
When you choose your thoughts wisely they are matched with the same positive vibrational energy, and as a result, you attract more positivity into your life. However, when your thoughts wander, and you begin to focus on thoughts of not having enough, not being good enough, or wishing for more, your limiting beliefs begin to control the actions you take.
This is why all successful business owners work on their mindset daily because without a BULLETPROOF MINDSET you’ll be unable to perform the tasks necessary to run your business.
BUT THIS HAPPENS DAILY in life as well.
Your thoughts nurture your mind and determine the future actions you’ll take.
Here are five habits to adapt to shift your thoughts from negative to positive.
Surround Yourself with a Positive Community:
Positive people surround themselves with other positive people, which makes sense! They know that these people help them shine brightly, which encourages them to look at life from all different angles seeing the tremendous possibility, even during the hardest times.
What Can you Control:
Life is filled with ups and downs, highs and lows, this is true. But if we’re not careful, it can be way too easy to end up going down the rabbit hole of pain, anger, and ick. If you feel that this is happening to you remember that there will always be parts of life that will be impossible to control. Focus on what you can.
Flip the Switch:
Flip the switch on yourself. See your fears as exciting new opportunities to grow, thrive, and become your next level best self. Don’t think holy crap this is so scary and I can’t do this! Instead, you shift that thought to “holy crap this is so exciting!” How lucky am I to have this opportunity? Another one might never come again. I better jump on it!
Stick to a Routine:
Create a daily routine that consists of physical exercise, meditation, breathing exercises, dancing, walking, and anything that will keep your body and mind healthy.
Do you have a crystal clear vision of who you are and what you desire? When you feel unhappy, unbalanced, or even unfulfilled it is because something is missing, and that is a critical sign that your life is not aligned with your values. However, when you act from a place of love, you live a fulfilled life and are wholeheartedly aligned with your values. It is when you feel lost and confused that you are often misaligned.
If you’re feeling uneasy you can solve some of this by getting crystal clear on what lights you up. A simple journaling exercise with guided prompts can help you begin to identify what is important to you. NOT ANYONE ELSE. YOU.
Remember the law of attraction, all of your thoughts will continue to multiply so if you’re only focusing on what’s missing, you’ll continue to attract more negative.
Focus on the positive, and you’ll continue to receive more positive in your life.
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