Episode 8: BONUS - Zero to Six Figures: Your Personalized Roadmap to Clarity, Clients, and FAST Cash

black friday high ticket coaching

Announcing my biggest promotion of the year! In this special episode, I’ll walk you through this unbelievable Black Friday promotion that is currently being offered on pre-sale starting today!

This program is for you coaches who are ready to learn how to sell high ticket programs, make more cash, and create jaw-dropping, compelling content that leaves your audience wanting more.

If you’re a coach who’s been in business for six months or more, and you have epic proven client results this program will empower you to:

  • Identify how you can become the Sought After Expert in your industry.
  • Craft a Unique, Compelling offer that leaves your clients wanting more, and more and more.
  • Create edgy, fabulous content that will leave your community ASPIRING to be like you.
  • Learn how to sell high ticket programs like the powerful badass you are.

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