Episode 6: Rewriting Your Own Story with Karishma Sharma

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Are you feeling OUT OF ALIGNMENT in your business? 

In this episode, I’m talking to Breakthrough Coach, International Speaker, Best Selling Author, and good friend Karishma Sharma all about the expansive process of creating your own coaching business. What happens when you fall out of alignment with your purpose, and how fast it can change when you fall back in. This conversation is authentic, honest, and beautiful.

Karishma is a catalyst for transformation, with her multi-modal approach blending Mindset work, Spirituality, Positive Psychology, and Energetics to help women succeed in business and life. As a result of her focussed approach of deep inner work infused with fun, this has had a ripple effect of success in clients' Businesses, Wealth, Relationships, Empowerment, Well-being, and Freedom.

Karishma uses her business as a platform to be a voice for those who come from backgrounds where mental health, talking about feelings, breaking the norm, and women's status are taboo topics or suppressed. Reach out and connect with Karishma here at www.karishma-sharma.com or on Instagram @karishmavsharma and get ready to feel Fabulous!

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