Episode 15: Why You Can’t Become Anything

You’ve been told since you were a child you can become anything.

A doctor, a lawyer, a teacher.


Choose it, and you can BECOME IT.

The truth is, that’s a load of shit.

You can’t really BECOME ANYTHING.

And when I hear someone else implying that you need to become more…

…more visible, more confident, more assertive, more of insert whatever some stupid mofo has told you right  _____________ I roll my eyes and want to bang my head on the table.

Growth and transformation are not about becoming.

It’s about LETTING GO of every belief you have that tells you that you need to be more.

Whether it was self-imposed, societal or it came from a family member, lover, friend, or even your boss or mentor. 

All of those feelings, and experiences have become YOUR STORY, but they’re not really you… 

Dive into today’s episode to get the full breakdown of why becoming is horse shit.

P.S. The golden nugget from today’s podcast is at 4:07.

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