Episode 1: Welcome to Income & Impact with Melissa Fino

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 Let’s get down to business now and allow me to fully introduce myself, and my brand new Podcast Income & Impact with Melissa Fino.

In this episode, I share my journey from high school dropout to receiving my Masters from the University of Southern California, to then becoming an award-winning business coach, bestselling author, and all-around fired-up coach who’s here to support you in creating the Income & Impact you desire.

Since this PODCAST is named INCOME & IMPACT I need to reach as many people as possible.

Here’s the real situation when women have more money, the world is better.

They’re able to do more.

To help more.

To be more.

To love more.

If right now you’re nodding your head like ‘HECK YEAH Melissa, I am so with you!’ then I have a favor to ask of you.

Could you please do me a favor (as in RIGHT NOW.) Pretty please with a big old cherry on top?

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EVERY single person who follows the steps above will receive an entry.

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Thank you for helping me reach more people. Together we can create an Income & Impact. Together we can do more.

I appreciate you.


Contest Winners Will Be Announced on 11/16/21

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