Episode 18: The Evergreen Model and Showing Up Authentically in Your Business

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Are you overworking yourself in a 9-5 that makes you feel LESS THAN?
Do you have dreams of creating an online business but you don’t know where, or how to begin?
If you said yes…  you are absolutely going to LOVE this podcast episode.
Meet Desiree Crowley, Desiree is a certified transformational coach, visibility strategist, and speaker for women experts, coaches, and service-based business owners ready to expand their exposure and scale to six figures and beyond in their online business. She helps women create a stand-out presence online so that they can have massive exposure, stand out as the premium expert in their field, and share their expertise and knowledge with amazing clients all over the world!
This is one of my favorite podcasts, as Desi and I talk about the real highs, and lows of being an online business owner.
She’ll authentically walk you through her journey of hating her 9-5, from building her own beauty blog to becoming the GO TO PERSON for creating an evergreen business.
I’m absolutely honored to be able to share her, and her expertise with you today.
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