Episode 16: I'm In The Wrong Industry With Leslie Stevens

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I’m ELATED to share one of my powerhouse friends Leslie Stevens with you.

Leslie is a High-Performance Lifestyle Coach, Registered Dietitian, and Personal Trainer, but she is unlike any other coach you’ve met before! 

Leslie works to understand the deeper seeded issues that are internal and affecting the external. In this episode, we discuss healthy food choices, hormones, stress, the meaning behind our food choices, our own personal story with weight fluctuations, and the importance of human connection on your entrepreneurial journey.

If you’ve ever experienced a weight fluctuation, energy loss, hormonal imbalance, decreased energy, mid-afternoon slump, or even the desire to know more about your own body then this EPISODE was meant to hit your heart today.

“My purpose is to show women what they thought was impossible for them, is completely possible.” - Leslie Stevens

Connect with Melissa over www.loveyourlifecommunity.com or on IG @loveyourlifecommunity

Connect with Leslie Stevens on IG @womenshealthcoach

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