Enliven Your Life in Five Days Challenge

Doesn't it suck watching all of your friends do everything and get everything you want?
They're getting married and buying homes. Some of them have ever-expanding families while others have great new businesses that are thriving. And you? You're sitting on the couch wondering, where you went wrong.
Why don't I have what they have?
Is there something wrong with me? No there's absolutely not! But I do have ONE IMPORTANT question to ask you... -----> if all of that was to come your way WOULD YOU BE READY for it? Would you have the space in your home for it? Would you have the space in your heart for it? Would you have already spoken your truth? Would you have a business plan, your resumé updated, space in your closet or even your kitchen cabinets?
So many of you are asking for things, but you're not ready for it.
You're not mentally prepared. You haven't created space. You haven't even walked the talk. Join me on this free, five-day challenge where you'll start SAYING YES to all of those little things that will guide you towards bigger steps.
It all starts with that one first step and I'd love to join you on yours.
You can join the challenge here and don't forget it starts on March 1, 2020.
I freaking love you + I believe in you, and every, sweet dream you dream.
Melissa Fino
Love Your Life Community

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