Eight Things You Can Do Today to Stand Against Racism

This is an inclusive community of love not hate. Millions of people are hurting right now and FOR VERY GOOD REASON. Our job is not to sit in silence and watch as it idly passes by. Our job is to stand powerfully and let it be known that these blatant forms of racism will no longer be tolerated BUT (and this is EXTREMELY important) without judgment. I understand this almost seems impossible to do but you cannot MEET HATE WITH HATE.
We must lead with love.
So many people are HURTING. Many are trying to find the “right’ words to say but are filled with fear that they will say them wrong, but that does not mean they are not hurting as well.
As a nation, we appear to be divided but so many of us are UNITED. Go to those people and support them. Stand strong and use your voice but don’t judge those who can’t because your job is not to judge.
We are here to stand united and work together for however long it takes to fix the root cause of systemic racism. This is the primary focus and will continue to be until every man and woman can freely walk this earth without being filled with fear.
Before we move forward please know that I stand with love and this beautiful community that I have created will always be a safe place to be seen, heard, and loved.
With that being said, I’ve compiled a list of ways that you can begin to take action today because it’s not always just about the words that are being said. Let’s begin to take this off the pages and begin to start making REAL LIFE CHANGES.
Stop looking at what others are doing and saying, or not doing and saying and focus on what YOU can do to create change.
If you’re within a community that is not impacted by this then it is time to expand your circle. We need to surround ourselves with other cultures, ethnicities, and races so that we can LEARN from each other. Underneath it all, we are all ONE.
Look within your home and ensure that you are creating an inclusive environment for your children. Are there movies, books, and toys that feature different cultures, races and religons?
If you are aware of a situation where blatant racism has occurred SHARE IT.
Do police departments in your town utilize body-worn cameras? Do you know who your local representatives are? Do you know what they stand for and who they support?
If you don't know the answers to these questions start by calling your local representatives and asking the questions necessary to obtain the answers. Remember all change must start small and continue to grow incrementally.
Don’t buy from companies that explicitly use prison labor to ensure that their products arrive to you for less than the competitor. I must say that when I saw this list I was floored!
Join these email lists and donate when you can. If you currently do not have the financial resources available to donate you can donate your time by taking action when they dictate.
You can show your support for George Floyd by signing this petition which was created by an advocacy non-profit organization the Color of Change. The petition calls for all police officers involved in this case to be charged with murder, block the police officers from ever receiving their pension, and eliminates the future possibility of them returning to duty.
I don’t have all the answers.
I don’t have all the words.
But I see YOU ALL and I will continue to fight for every single one of you.
With love,
Love Your Life Community

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