Being Present

I have to be truthful about something that I struggle with, BEING PRESENT. I find being in the "here and now" incredibly difficult!
You see....
I’m a dreamer.
I dream about love.
I dream about lust.
I dream about passionate kisses that last through the night.
I dream about sharing my story and how it will ultimately set my soul free.
I dream about feelings I may never fell or hands I may never hold.
I dream about incredible sights my eyes have seen.
I wonder will I see them again.
Yes I am. A dreamer that it.
SO deep down I know.
I must find balance for my soul.
For today and the promise of tomorrow.
A harmonious blend that will not take me away
But keep my mind here where it must stay.
Just a few small words from the heart today!
I share my truth because sharing my story has changed my life! I know there are other women out there who are just like me. Please share this with them. Empower all women around you to be authentic and beautiful.
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