Beautifully Broken and as Whole as One Can Be

Are you broken and beautiful? I believe we all are. If you’ve survived heartbreak and learned to love again, you’re beautifully broken. If you’ve lost a friend, a family member or anyone you’ve ever loved but continued to love, then you’re beautifully broken. If you’ve overcome your greatest struggle and come back with a heart that’s open wide then you’re beautifully broken.
Stop looking at your past as the pieces that broke you and start looking at your past as the pieces that created you. You are the person who stood there and watched as the world you knew fell to shattered pieces all across the ground. You were the one whose life stopped. You were the one who cried all the tears, screamed all the words and kicked all the doors. And then, when it came time you were the only one who took to the floor and on by one, picked up the pieces to start over again.
Those pieces didn’t break you. They made you.
They gave you courage to begin again. Wisdom to know you can do better and enough love to carry you on towards more. Stop shaming your past. Stop silencing your truth in fear. For it is the mask that we carry that closes the door.
We choose silence wholeheartedly believing that silence closes the door to the past and that unless we choose to open the door, we’ll never have to face our past. But silence creates the opposite outcome of what we're looking for. Silence breeds fear and it is that very fear that festers up inside. It rumbles and rumbles until it can no longer hold it’s own. And then, one day, every haunting memory that you’ve attempted to swallow whole, sneaks upon you in such a way that it will almost feel as if you’re nightmare is happening all over again.
When we choose silence we choose to befriend our pain, but only in the unhealthiest way. Our pain becomes the enemy that we keep close because we know that if we somehow allow it to slip away then our world will crumble. We remind ourselves to keep the pain close, so that no one else can see. We pull it in tighter until we can no longer breathe. It's almost as if we find comfort in discomfort. And our story follows us with every twist and turn down the road. Over and over again until we decide to face it whole.
Your broken pieces did not break you. They are the pieces that made you whole.
If you’ve chose to speak your truth over silence then you’re beautifully broken. If you’ve ever faced your demon instead of reaching for the bottle, pill or cookie then you’re beautifully broken. If you’ve ever said you’re sorry instead of slamming the door in fear then you’re beautifully broken.
Life’s beautiful experiences have taught you a lesson. And you, my friend, have decided to choose love over fear. You’ve chosen to follow you heart. To embrace vulnerability. To be open. To be whole. To be the beautifully, broken woman you heart wants you to be.
You’re broken pieces did not break you. They are the pieces that made you.
With all my heart,

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