Are You Lonely and Looking for Love?

Have you forgotten how to love?
When looking at your life do you feel as if there’s something missing? Yes, there’s love, but it’s not quite the kind you’re looking for. You love your friends, especially the ones who love you as you are and continue to support you on your journey. You love your family. You have to, right? As difficult as they may be at times, in the end they will always be your strongest support system. BUT still there’s something missing…, and until it’s found there’s that big, gaping hole of loneliness.
Have you felt it before?
A feeling so overwhelming that your heart stops but your thoughts continue to race. Love appears to be everywhere but for some reason it never stops at your door. You silently think to yourself “maybe my time has come and gone” or “I guess there’s very little of me to love.”
And what’s more your lack of being in a relationship has caused you to fall in love with the idea of romantic love. You lay you head down at night and fall sleep to a sweet dream of being awakened by a prince or having Mr. Perfect show up at your door with a dozen roses and your favorite bottle of champagne. But what happens when Mr. Perfect never shows up? For now, we’re just going to skip over the idea of Mr. Perfect because together we’re working on eliminating the notion of perfection, not only for ourselves but for those in our life as well.
You love the dream. You love the dream so much that you wonder will you ever be able to fall in love when it’s real?
You’re scared.
If this is you, please know that you’re not alone.
Love can be an opposing force twisting and pulling you in numerous directions. In it’s absence your led to believe that it will make everything better but the truth is at times it can make life harder. It forces you out of your comfort zone and pushes you to let down your walls, and for someone who’s spent a lifetime protecting your heart you may ask yourself “is love worth it?”
I do believe it is. But romantic love is not the primary reason for life and life will not cease to exist in its absence. It’s the love you have within your heart that will complete you.
And when you see this, your view of romantic love will change. The absence of romantic love does not make you flawed. Nor does it make you unworthy. You are worthy simply because you exist and a relationship could never change that.
You’re not flawed my love, YOU ARE LOVE. You’re not empty either. You're full of everything beautiful that you decide to reveal. I hope you show it all and let us love you, as you are.
Love is everywhere around you. You can find it in books, in movies and even in small conversations that take place on the street corner. You can find love when you pick up your phone or answer your doorbell. You can find love at work, when a coworker offers you a helping hand and even at home when a neighbor offers you a slice of their homemade pie. I promise you if your open to it you will continue to find it in the most random places. You’ll find it everywhere. You’ll find it when you hug your dog, talk to a long lost friend or albeit have that hour long, much needed conversation with your mother or father. You’ll see it in the eyes of others.
And the more you see it, the more you’re reminded that you are love.
We are all love.
It comes in many forms but truth be told you spend most of your days focused on what’s missing rather than being grateful for what you have. In gratitude it envelops you. The weekly phone calls to say hello, the friend who checks in on you while your sick and that nagging family member who calls to remind you to check the oil in your car. You are blanketed with love. It’s always there and now that I’m offering you this reminder I promise you, you’ll begin to see what I see. But when you continue to hold onto the archaic notion that love only comes in one form, romantic, you seize to understand the very meaning of love
Love is a gift and the gift lies in what you choose to see. When you focus on the love you have you’ll be gifted with more in return but when you see less, you’ll spend your days searching to fill a void that can never be filled.
Look around you, what do you see?
If you find yourself crippled with feelings of unworthiness and self doubt and you’re ready to let love in and live the life you dream of, I invite you to book a complimentary consultation.

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